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Scholarships For Savvy Women

Free Scholarship Information Service:

Financial Aid search through the web:



Princeton review:


The CollegeBoard:


International Service and Travel Center: (See they hide thid stuff)

IUPUI Scholarship and Awards:

The Financial Aid Resource Center:

Now for the more specific ones.........I'm going to give just the Title and then the address to save my fingers and arms. And please these titles are in the book--I am not making these up---and I will not be held accountable. Ah, heck, if you want to go ahead.


Full Tuition Scholarships from Microsoft:

$1,000 for Minorities in Science and Engineering:

Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship:

Scholarships for Mature Women

Scholarships for Health Majors:

Every one knows they are scholarships so I am just going to put what they are for.

FOR Composers:

for Family of Fleet Reserve:

$1000 For Smart Women pursuing Science Majors:

$1500 for Children of Air Force Members:

Up to $5000 forLibrary Science Graduate Students:

Garden Club Awards up to $4000 a year:

Money for Physical Therapy Doctoral Students:

up to $1500 for Federal Employees and Dependents:

American Dietetic Association Foundation Scholarship Program:

$2000 for Women over 35 Pursuing below Graduate Level Education:

Up to $5000 for Health Information Management:

Up to $10,000 for RN's to Pursue Graduate Nursing Education:

$1000 for Students interested in Medical Assisting:

Medical and Dental Assistant Studies:

$1000 for a woman in Surveying and Mapping:

Money for Law Librarians:

$500 for Masters and Doctoral Level Health Education:

Money for Women Builders:

Creative Mothers can Win Money:

$2000 for Civil Engineers:

$250-$1500 for full time Food Majors:

Creative Women over 35 are Eligible for $1000 award:

Bright Broadcasters Eligible for $1250-$5000:

$1000 for Women in Advanced Agriculture or Horticulture Study:

Contact Women's National Farm and garden Association, Inc.,3801 Riverview Terrace S.,E. Chinatownship, MI 48054

Up to $1500 for Veternarian Students:

$1000 available for technical Communication students:

Money available for Business Majors:

Scholarships $2000 and up for Physician Assistants Students:

Scholarship from Coca Cola:

$500-$2500 Available for Architectural Students:

Lots of Opportunities for Orthopedic Nurses: or email

ELKS National Foundation Scholarship:

$1500 for students Pursuing Critical Care:

$500-1500 available to Court Reporting Students:

Up to $12,500 Gants available for English Teachers:

College Tuition from NSA:

RN could win $3000 toward Occupational Health Education:

$1000-20000 for Manufacturing Engineering Students:

$3000- Adio Engineers:

1000 - 5000 for Smart Women Engineers:

Money for Therapist:

Opportunities available for Funeral Service Scholarship:

Pharmacy Students:

School Librarian Media $2500 Scholarship:

Communication Science Graduate students-$4000:

Women Music Majors-$300:


National Security Related Careers:

1000 for Women in Business or Economic Education:

Scholarships for Daughters of Career Officers:

John L. Carey Scholarship:

Contact----- American Institute of Certified Public Accountants(AICPA), 1211 Avenue of the Americas, NY,NY 10036-8775 phone 212-596-6200

Students of the Earth and Sky:

High School Seniors with Inter-Scholastic Sports-2500-:

Students who have Hearing Impairment or Loss:

Young Black Women Scholarship:

1000-2000 for spouses and Children of Blind Veterns Scholarship:

Junior Miss Competition Rewards Winners with College Scholarships:

Industrial Engineering $4000:

Chemistry Students 500-2000 (for women in Iowa):


Fellowships & Grants for Advancement Of Women In Society: (applications downloadableAugust 1 through mid-January only)

Scholarships for Lutheran Women:


Female Jocks:

Smart Science Majors(women):

1500 for Engineering Students (Women & Minority):

Aspiring Journalists, Up to 5000 (Minority):

Broadcast Journalism Majors 1000-10000:

6000 for Women pursuing Sports Administration:

1500 for Medical andDental Students (especially of Chinese decent):

Jackie Robison Foundation( up to 6000)(for students of color) I wonder what color?:

500-2000 Presbyterian Church Members;

1000 for Females with a Love of Flying:

Contact Nancy Horton "Touch the Face of God" Scholarship, 4466 N.E. 91stAve. Portland, Or, 97220-5024

1000-2500 for Students Studying Real Estate(Minority):

Roothbert Fund (2000-3000):

eMAIL-- Phone 212-870-3116

Up to 4,000 for Female Medical Students:

$750.00 for Geoscience Thesis work:

$5000 for training in field of Water Supply and Treatment:

For joining AFROTC:

$1000 for Women Statiscians:

For Spouce or Children of EOD officer or technician:

Presidential Freedom Scholarships:

For Midwives to be:

$500-$2500 Ohio Engineering Majors:

Up to $2500 for Respiratory care Majors:

For Women Accountants:

For a Total of $15000 for Women Accounting Majors:

Human Resource Majors:

Money for Latinas:

$1000 for Reall Estate Appraisers:



AT&T Labs Fellowship Program for Women and Minorities in Science& Tech:

$500 - $1500 for SMART Business Women:

UP to $1000 for Legally Blind Students:

More for Smart Business Women:

$500 for Meteorologist and atmospheric Science Majors:

UP to $4000 for Nuclear Scientists and Nuclear Engineers:

4500-$3500 for Smart New York Women:

$20,000 for SCUBA DIVERS:

$1000-$4000 for Smart Engineering Women(as apposed to dumb?):

$1000 for Smart Journalism Women:

$1000 for Daughters of Penelope:

Up to $500 for Activists at CUNY:

Up to 2000 for Women in Broadcasting:

$1000 for Landscape Architects:

500-1000-for KAPP KAPP GAMMA Women: (would have never guessed it!)

1000 for Medical women:

1000 for Smart California Women:

Contact--Amaranth Funds Awards, california Mason Foundation, 1111 California St. San francisco, CA 94109

1500 for the Top 10 College Women:

California Women; Studying Business, education, healthcare, law enforcement, or Social service:

Contact Governor's conference for Women, A Call to Action, Office of the Governor, 300 S. Spring St.16th flr,Los Angeles, Ca90013

Up to$10,000 for Young Women:

Amateur Athletes:

Women of Oregon:

Women Ministers:

Contact--Disciples of Christ Church,P.O. Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206 Phone 317-262-8517

Up to 1000 for Sheep(undergaduates who are studying agriculture, animal science, veterinarymedicine, or animal husbandry):

500 for Teaching in Oregon:

Over 2,000,000.00 available for Farmers:

1000 for Broadcasting in Oregon or Washington:

Up to 13500 & Tuition for Smart Graduate Students:

Dietetic Technicians:

Up to 1500 for Dental Hygienists:

Money for Internet Teams:

$2500 for NURSES:

Up to $10,000 for Hanicapped Musicians:

Up to $11000 for Women from Developing Countries:

Up to 5000 for Food Service Experience:

$6000 for the Health Therapy Profession:

1000 for Oregon High School Students:

1000's for the students with Norwegian Interest:

2500 for returning Students:

Money for Texas Women Returniing to School:

Up to 5000 for Nevada Women:

Up to 3.5 MILLIon for young Women:

Contact American Young women of the Year Program, P.O. Box 2786, Mobile, Alabama 36652

1000 for young Feminists:

Money for Arkansas Single Parents:

Money for Palo Alto, California Women:

Up to 1000 for Women in Hunterdon County, New Jersey:

Contact Hunterdon Women's Fund, P.O. Box 183, flemington, NJ o8822

Money for Women ( and Men):

Money for Mennonite Women:

Graphic Communicatrion Majors:

Money for talented Deaf Women:

$2000 for deaf graduate Women (Same address as above)

More Money for Deaf Women:

$1000 for Naval Academy Children and Women:

Future Home Makers:

Money for Smart Women:

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association Schloarships:

McDonald's USA Scholarships:

Ham Radio Women Operators:

Hotel Women, up to 2000:

500.00 for Homeschooled Californians:

California Rea; Estate Students get up to 2000:

Architectural Women in California, up to 2500:

Money for Welding Women:

Connecticut Construction Women, Up to 2000:

Up to 2500 for DEDCA Women:

Money for Petroleum Women (1500):

Women in Dental , up to 1000:

Up to 10,000 for Heating ans Air Conditioning:

1500 for Dafety Engineers:

Luthern Women in Mental Retardation( I'm not touching that):

Up to 2000 for Black Nurses:

Michigan Nurses:

Up to 3000 for ONCOLOGY Nurses:

Up to 2000 for Logistics:

Composers, up to 5000:

Parapsychology Students:

Demolay Members:

Non-Commissioned Officers Assodiation Members:

Up to 1000 for Jewelry and gems ( Gemology Field)(not for buying):

Girls Club members:

Reader's Digest Foundation, Reader's Digest Rd.,Pleasantville, NY 10570-7000 Phone 914-244-5370

Royal Neighbors(Gee):

1000 for Sculpture: (who would have thunk)

Maine Women:

10,000 for NON-traditional Michigan Women:

Hawaiian Women:

Contact; Kilohana United Methodist church,5829 Mahimahi, Honolulu HI 96821 ph 808-373-3373

Vermont Women:

Louisiana Residents:

Contact- Willis & MildredPellerin Foundation, P.O. Box 400 Kenner,LA 70063-0400

NON-Traditional Native Americans:

1000 for Luthern Women:

Flight Attendants:

New Hamphire Women:

Asian Pacific Women in Los Angeles:

Asian Pacific Women's Network, p.O. Box86995. Los Angeles, CA 90014 ph 213-891-6040

Chinese American Women, Up to1500:

Chinese-American Educational Foundation, P.O. Box728, San Mateo, CA94401-0728

Southern California Women:

College Women's Club of Pasadena, Scholarship foundation, P.O. Box452, Pasadena, CA91102


Baptist Acteens(?):

1000 foe African American Church of christ Women:

up to 5000 for RHODE ISLAND Women:

New Mexico Women:

2,500 for HOME ans WORKSHOP Writers:

National Association of Home and Workshop Writers c/o Frank Brugmeier Company, 7501 Wood streamTerrace, North Syracuse, NY 13212-1921 ph 315-458-0291


Massachusetts BAPTIST Women:

American Baptist Women's Ministries of Massachusetts, 20 Milto St.,Dedham,MA. 02026-2967 ph 781320-8100

African American Women ( only offered on even-numbered years):

National Association of Colored Women'sClubs, 5808 16th St., N.W.,Washington D.C., 20011-2898 ph 202-726-2044

10,000 for NEW YORK Women in COMMUNICATIONS:

Theater Women, Up to 1500:

Lotta M. Crabtree trust, 11 Beacon St., Site 1005, Boston, MA 02108 ph 617-742-5920


Jewelry Women up to 5,000:

1500 for Minnesota Nurses:

Minnesota League for Nursing, 5806 Cambridge St., St. Louis Park, MN 55416-5115 ph 952-829-5891

Holistic Women:

1000 for California Nurses:

Hispanic Nurses:

^ to2500 for Jewish Women in Washington, DC:

Wisconsin Nurses:

^ to 3000 for Travel and Tourism Women:

Women Grocers, 1000 or more(?):

Women Grocers of America, 1825 Samuel Morse Dr., Reston, kVA 20190-5317

$5000 for those with Diabetes:

^ to 10,000 for Government & Public Poicy Women:

Grand Rapids, Michigan Women:

Chiropractic women:

Graduate Historical Women, 2000:

State Historian at State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 816 State St., Madison, WI 53706 ph 608-264-6400

Ron Brown Scholar Program (for African-American):

Native American Women in the Humanities:

D'arcy McNickle center for AmericanIndian History, 60 W. Walton St., chicago, Il. 60610-3380 ph 312-255-3564

Mental Health Women:

National Association of State MentalHealth Program Directors Research Insitute,Noel A.Mazade PhD. Exec Director, 66 Canal CenterPlaza, Suite 302, Alexandria, VA 22314 ph 703-739-9333

And They wonder Why we don't ask, you fall asleep by the time you get to the end!


Horatio Alger National Scholarship Program:

^ to 5000 for Environmental Public Policy Women:

Sports Journalism Women:

Political Science Women in Maryland:

Lavinia Engle Scholarship Foundation, c/o Judith Heimann, 6900 Marbury Rd., Bethesda, MD. 20817 ph 301-229-4647

Unitarian Women:

Aviation Women in Los Angeles, 1000:

San Fernando valley Ninety-Nine's , P.O.Box 7142 Van Nuys, Ca 91409 ph 818-989-0081

^ to 10,000 for TEXAS Women:

^ to 2000 for NURSING:

^ to 5000 for Ethics Women:

^ to 3000 for Women in Technology:

1000 for Pennsylvania Journalism Women:

Communications Women in New York, 1000:

New Yourk State Legion Press Association, P.O.Box 1239, Syracuse, NY 13201-1239

^ to 10,000 for Educcation Women in Delaware: (hi fred)

Vocational Women in Minnesota, 1000:

Minnesota Federation of teachers, Scholarship Committee, 168Aurora Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55103 ph651-227-8583

^ to 4000 for Journalism Women:

F. Ward Just ScholarshipFoundation, c/o Kennedy, 805 BalwinAve.Apt,308, Waukegan, Il.60085-2359 ph 312-680-7002

^ to 13000 for SCUBA DIVING Women:


Clinical Laboratory Technology Women, 1000:

International Society for Clinical Laboratory Techmology, 917 Locust St., Suite 1100, St. Louis, MO 63101-1413

2500 for LESBIAN Women:

^ to 10,000 for Community Service Women: (and Men) or

Connecticut women:

Elisha Leavenworth foundation, 35 Park pl. Waterbury, CT 06702


To Study Farming, 1000:

1000 for Seattle Women in Service to the Homeless:

^ to 1500 for Wives of Overseas Active Duty Service Members:

Graduate Women in Lesbian Studies or Jewish Women Studies (?):

Delaware Women Over Age of 20: ( I swear I not fooling with you, that's the listing)

Washington DC Women in Communications:

Saginaw, Michigan Women:

Culinary Women in Maine, 1000:

^ to 1500 for Georgia Women:

William E. Cooper Scholarship, GA,9002, 999 Peachtree St., Suite 1100,Altlanta,GA 30309 ph 866-300-1641

^ to 2500 for Northern Virginia Women:

Scholarships Help Graduate Nursing Students Continue Education:

Foundation of the Alumnae association of Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing, Inc., 1 Gustave L. Levy Pl., new York, NY 10029 ph 212-289-5575

That's it for now, but I will keep looking.



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