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Monday, December 10, 2012

SUCCESS: The Issa Rae Way

By Te-Erika Patterson

Success for Issa Rae the creator of the web based series Awkward Black Girl, didn't happen as a stroke of luck. She has now partnered with famed Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes to present a new series, I Hate LA Dudes on ABC.

What led to Issa Rae's success? The answer is simple- she did the work.

Now living in LA and running The Artists Might, my indie artist resource blog, I have come across so many artists who are looking for their big break. They go to bed at night praying that someone will notice their good looks and talent. They sigh in frustration as the partnership they hoped for falls through. They are missing the one thing that sets them apart from those who make it and those who do.

In order to be a success in anything you must BE the success that you see. Begin right now.

If you want to be a teacher go and teach.
If you say you are a television writer, write a script and produce it.

You can not wait for someone to believe in you when you have nothing for them to believe in. CREATE YOUR OWN opportunity by DOING the thing that you believe you are gifted to do RIGHT NOW. Don't wait to get paid. Don't wait for the fancy equipment. Look around you and transform the tools you have into the tools you need to create the life you want.

This is how Issa Rae created her success. She didn't sit around feeling sad about her life, wishing for a chance; she did the work. She created Awkward Black Girl and had something to hold up for the world to see.

CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY by doing what you love right now with what you have. Do it and keep doing it, improving along the way. The rest will fall into place.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

5 Traits of Highly Successful Women

I have interviewed some of the best and brightest women for MySavvySisters.Com. Most of them are thought leaders, entrepreneurs and highly successful women. As I reflect back on the core principles of their characters, I have noticed a few common themes that may be useful to you as you assess your personality.

A Highly Successful Woman

1. Does not have friends
Sure, there may be ONE person this woman trusts without reservation but walking down the street arm in arm with a group of women is not on this woman's agenda at all. She doesn't hate other women, she merely finds that the cattiness, jealousy and petty behavior is beneath her.

2. Is not competitive
She is in a class all of her own and she knows this. She doesn't believe that any woman can do what she does better than she does it so she sees no woman as a threat to her in business, romantic relationships or social situations.

3. Offers a service/product that helps others
The main ingredient to this woman's success is her ability to be a resource to others. She uses her feminine powers to offer her intelligence and wisdom to help others succeed.

4.  Expects to win
The most highly successful woman believes she will win at the game of life. She expects to meet her goals and sees obstacles as challenges to get what she wants. Not meeting her goal is a scenario that does not enter into her mind. She knows her vision is attainable and the challenge of meeting it is a mental exercise.

5. Is not caught up on romantic relationships
She believes a life partner is an accessory to her life goals but it is not her main focus. She is often single because she knows she can live her life alone and be perfectly happy. She may get married but her husband is not her driving force or her lifeline. He is simply someone to share her life with and if her relationship does not work out, her world does not crumble around her.

Arizona Teens Punished By Holding Hands

Two students who were caught fighting in an East Valley highschool were asked to choose their punishment. They could be suspended for 9 days each or sit together holding hands throughout the entire day in front of their peers. The two boys chose to hold hands.

This method of punishment is drawing criticism from news watchers across America as the snapshot of the two has become an internet sensation. The teens, who were ridiculed for the entire day, have not made any claims of harassment or bullying yet many believe this punishment is a direct attack on gays.

What do you think? Was their punishment the best way to handle the situation?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Model's Uniform & Why It Works

Fashion is fleeting. It reflects the ideas of the marketing strategies of the era. Whatever the clothing manufacturers want to sell more of, they push into fashion magazines, drape across celebrities and flaunt in fashion shows to convince you that this particular style will make you one of the beautiful people.

It won't; but it sure does boost your confidence in a sick twisted way. It's amazing that off the runway, you won't see models and celebrities strolling casually in the strange combinations created by the fashionably elite. The truly beautiful don't bother to accessorize much because they get enough attention as it is.

The model's uniform is made up of 3 pieces.

1) The T-shirt - This is usually a plain white shirt and can have various sleeve lengths.
2) Jeans- These are worn in a variety of styles, lengths and condition.
3) Heels- Any color, any style, any height.

When the model combines these 3 simple pieces with a simple bracelet, sunglasses and a pair of earrings, she is already ready for the paparrazi.

Why This Works

The real secret to beauty isn't the fancy hairstyles or expensive bags. The real secret to beauty is the confidence behind the clothes. Models already KNOW that they are beautiful so they don't need to TRY to keep up with the latest trends. Knowing you are beautiful is your little secret that shines from every pore.

A true test of real beauty is to wear the Model's Uniform everyday and not care what anyone thinks or says about you. Ditch the designer duds and expensive hairstyles that take attention away from your face and hide your shine. Dare to be simple and neat and beautiful without all the extra fuss.

You ARE beautiful and you don't need to mimic the fashion magazines to prove it.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WARNING: PMS Now Being Treated By Pretty Prozac Pills

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the guidebook for diagnosing mental disorders. The fifth edition of the list of symptoms that allow doctors to label patients as mentally ill is now updated and will be released this month. According to the PMS Comfort Blog, the DSM V may allow symptoms associated with PMS to be included in the main section as an official mental disorder called Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Since the beginning of time, women have dealt with the many emotional surges associated with their menstrual cycles and now doctors have created a remedy that they call SaraFem. SaraFem is a drug that can be issued to women who experience the normal symptoms of a woman's body cycle. The scary part is, according to the Katherine McCormick, the CEO of Australia based Utopia Research Institute, SaraFem is another form of the anti-anxiety drug Prozac, repackaged to appeal to women, a move Katherine calls "crazy" in itself.

Do not fall for this. You are a woman, you are supposed to experience the emotions of life. You are not mentally ill because you have the proper reproductive organs to reproduce. Do not accept this diagnosis which can not be measured in any scientific way and therefore can be handed out at the psychologist's whim in an effort to quell any complaints. Your symptoms will appear to disappear after taking this drug but that will be because you will be too high on the drug to experience them.

My Savvy Sisters don't take drugs to manage our emotions. We live them. We accept them. We handle our issues internally. ~Te-Erika Patterson

Friday, November 30, 2012

3 Ways to Get What You Want For Xmas

It's the holiday season and we all want to feel appreciated and cared for by being given nice gifts. The truth is, men aren't mind readers and sometimes they need that extra push to get them to do the things we really want them to do, and that's okay.

Today I will teach you how to get exactly what you want for Xmas by using your wit and feminine-wise.

Ask For What You Want
Although we'd love it if we had men who would 'get' us and understand our needs and wants, it's unrealistic to believe that they are wired to be that way. Men don't think the way we do so the most clear cut way to get what we feel we deserve is to simply ask for it.

Sit your man down, look him in the eye and say, "I want a new refrigerator/handbag/vacation." Wait for him to acknowledge what you said and then don't mention it again. Never beg. If he is a good man he has heard you and will do his best to appease you.

Bait & Switch
Sometimes the things we want are a bit pricey and you know your man better than I do so you know if he'll go for the expensive gifts or if he is a bit on the frugal side. To side step this issue you need to do the bait & switch. Say you want a new frame for your wedding photo and it costs $150, find another frame that is considerably more expensive and show them both to him, highlighting the more expensive one first.

Say, "We need a new frame for our wedding photo and I really want this one but it's $350." When he raises his eyebrow at the price casually show him the lesser priced frame and say unenthusiastically, "I guess we can settle for this one, it's not as nice as the other one, but I think it will work." He will probably feel relieved at this point. You can do your happy dance in the kitchen when he's not looking.

Oral Pleasure
Under no circumstances are you to dole out oral pleasure unless your man is being a good boy. Do everything BUT that, because that treat is reserved for special favors and rewards for good behavior.

During your late night love making session, take a break between orgasms to cuddle with him and tell him how much you love him. Just as he is about to doze off, wake him back up with this special treat and then in the midst of the process, stop, look up at him and then ask for what you want. He'll be too far gone to say anything but yes and you can hold him to his word the next day by showing him where to buy it and how much it will cost.

If for some reason none of these techniques don't work that means you have a lazy man who doesn't care to make you happy. If this is the case, buy what you want for yourself with his money.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Powerball Winner? Money To Blow? Try These Lavish Treats

Unprepared for what may happen if you win the lottery tomorrow?

All across the country hopeful gamblers have their fingers crossed as the Powerball lottery has announced the jackpot has reached more than $500 million. For most people, earning that type of money has never even been a distant wish so they wouldn't know what to do with it or how to maintain. Studies show that those who are unprepared for a sudden windfall of money squander it within a few years.

But hey- nothing lasts forever anyway. If your imagination didn't warn you to educate yourself to maintain and grow wealth you have my permission to blow it. You can always go back to working for others later and you'll have one hell of a story to tell.

BornRich.Com boasts the most ridiculously expensive toys the world has for sell. If you're making it rain after your lottery win without a care of investing in your future try these one-in-a-million treats.

 $1 Million Dollar Bra
Crafted with no fabric, this 18 carat gold bra has 500 carats of diamonds.

 $300,000 IPhone Case
This 18 carat rose gold case is adorned with both pink and white diamonds.

 $10 Million Dollar Private Fiji Island
600 acres, 5 beaches, 360-degree views across the South Pacific Ocean.

All photos property of BornRich.Com. Please visit them to thank them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Number 1 Reason You Are Unhappy

Life is hard at times. There are decisions that have to be made that affect your life and the lives of others. There is drama at work, family feuds and sometimes we wake up in the morning and our jeans just won't fit. Whether the trials of life seem large or small, a few consecutive days being confronted by these issues will add up and lead to a personal great depression that is bigger than any this country has ever seen.

The truth is, and this is a big pill to swallow, the reason you are unhappy is because, you want to be.

This may seem foolish as you say to yourself, "I am not a masochist. I don't like pain." But to be honest, any emotion that you experience for more than 60 seconds is a choice. Whichever emotion you are experiencing right now is a result of placing your attention on thoughts that fuel that particular emotion.

You're focused on your losses. You're focused on the negative events you've seen on the news. You're focused on the horrible things people have said to you in the past. You're wondering why you have yet to reach the place in life where you feel you deserve to be.

Life is supposed to be like THIS, you say. But the reality is, it doesn't.

There was no contract that you signed upon your arrival on earth that stated that you will experience certain events at certain times and there would never be times of uncertainty. No one could ever script your life in this way because if they did, it wouldn't be life, it would be a movie. Life is not a movie. Circumstances don't arise, hit a crescendo and work themselves out within an 130 minute period.

It's okay if it takes you more than 4 years to finish college. It's perfectly fine if your first real relationship falls apart. It's not abnormal to realize that your life hasn't been mapped out by the age of 30. It's okay not to know what will happen next.

You are unhappy because you want to control every circumstance of your life. You are unhappy because you keep thinking about those circumstances you can't control and you have decided that since you can't control those situations then life is bad.

You are the authority who decides what is good or bad. When you decide that life not meeting your expectations is a bad thing you are choosing to be unhappy. You can easily decide that everything is a good thing. It seems silly but it will bring a great deal of relief and wonder to your life as you encounter those surprise twists and turns.

It's okay. You can start over from here. Shrug your shoulder at the uncertainties that you encounter and ask yourself, "I wonder what good this will bring."

Monday, November 26, 2012

How Wage Workers Will Survive The Side Effects of ObamaCare

By Te-Erika Patterson

The scope of American health care will change completely once President Obama's Affordable Care Act is implemented. The premise of the new law will require employers to provide health insurance for their full-time employees.

Workers who have previously been unable to afford healthcare are applauding this effort while on the opposite end of the spectrum, businesses and corporations struggling to regain their composure in the wake of this country's recession are seeking creative ways to offset the costs of this new initiative.

According to FoxNews.Com, Florida restaurateur John Metz, who owns and operates more than 40 restaurants across 3 states, is planning to reduce the hours of his employees while adding a 5% surcharge to the bills of the customers who frequent his restaurant.

Although the Affordable Care Act will impact a variety of businesses, those in the customer service industry will feel its effects most notably. For workers who depend on hourly wages, this may force them to seek additional employment causing them to spend less time at home with their families adding to the stress of those living at or just above the level of poverty.

What can we do to prepare for these changes?

We, the workers of the service industry who have become dependent on trading the hours of our day for wages must not be caught off guard by this transition. To prepare for this change I suggest that we:

  • Minimize our lifestyles by learning to live on less income right now.
  • Cut back on expenses, beginning with entertainment. Ex: Instead of spending money on alcohol at bars, buy a bottle and relax at home.
  • Trade unhealthy habits like smoking and drug use for self care like exercise and sports, which in turn may allow for additional income once mastered by participating in competitions or teaching courses to others.
  • Develop a skill that allows a stream of income outside of working for wages. Ex: Cutting hair, babysitting, lawn care, recycling.
  • Learn to view wage work as supplemental income instead of primary income by becoming entrepreneurs.
We live in a world where self preservation is not only an instinct, it is key. Corporations will strategize to protect their best interests and so should you. Developing the mentality to move away from government assistance and dependence is the key factor in surviving during these new transitions.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

‘Salary’ Tops Poll of What US Women Want to Change Most About Their Partner

Curious to see if women would try and change their partner in some way, if given the chance, one of the leading coupon code websites in the US has conducted a survey to discover what personality traits in their partner, if any, and other things they would most like to change. surveyed 2,073 American women to discover their thoughts on the matter. The survey, formed part of research into relationships and whether women would be happier to change their partner than men.

All respondents that took part in the study were in a relationship and had been with their partner for at least 6 months. All respondents were asked whether or not there were things about their partner that they wanted to change in any way, to which 65% admitted that there were. Just 18% said they wouldn’t want to change their partner in any way, while the remaining respondents were unsure. Respondents who admitted they would like to change something about their partner were then asked to list the attributes that they would change immediately, given the chance, and could select all that applied from a list of possible answers.

The top ten attributes that women would most like to change about their partner if given the chance were as follows:

1) Salary 71%
2) Attitude 69%
3) Cleanliness 54%
4) Physical appearance 46%
5) Manners 43%
6) Skills in bed 38%
7) Friends 35%
8) Family 31%
9) Fashion sense 28%
10) Hobbies 25%

Furthermore, when asked if they had ever almost broken up with their current partner over what they deemed to be “flaws”, 45% of respondents said that they had. When asked if they’d attempted to change anything about their partner in the past, 36% said that they had, with ‘fashion sense’ being the top trait that they’d attempted to change.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Make some noise! VOTE!

 by Kitty K. Free

The election is near. No matter which side you're on, you need to make some noise and vote. If you're one of the fortunate Americans eligible to vote, DO IT!

If you complain like I complain, and you're a citizen who is able to vote, those complaints are invalid if you don't go to the polls. If you're not registered, in most states, you have 30 days before the election to do so. The election is November 6th, so you need to register NOW! Go to the US Election Assistance Commission or Rock the Vote, to find out about registration for your state.

Already registered, but need to verify your status, or your voting location? Go here to confirm your voting information. And PLEASE vote for the legislative branch. Voter turn out is always less for Congress (see stats from the US Census Bureau's "Voting Hot Report"). Voting for your senators and representatives is just as important as voting for the president. Our government is intentionally set up so that the president doesn't have absolute power. Without a Congress that's willing to work with the president, as well as call BS when they see it (which ever side your on), it simply can't work. Part of that checks and balances is us, the citizens. If we don't contact our congress, and take them to task for their actions, then they will keep acting without favor to our needs and goals.

I heard a congressman say that if 25 people call his office about the same issue, he takes notice. We complain about lobbyist, but we are the most important lobbyist of all, because without votes, they can't keep their job. They are fully aware of that. But they are also aware of many American's general ignorance about the way our government works, and they bank on that.

If it was up to me, the Constitution, and political science, would be as mandatory as math in school. Government would be taught from the 1st straight through the 12th grade. Foreigners getting their citizenship know more about our government than many Americans. Worried about letting Congress or the government know who you are? Don't worry; they already know. So make your voice known to them. Email them, call them, write them. Be friends on Facebook with them. Tweet them. I think about the fact that It's been during my lifetime that black Americans have had the right to vote. People died so I could vote. So even in situations where I don't like either guy, I still vote. It would be completely disrespectful to the people before me, and irresponsible as an eligible American, for me not to. People in other countries are dying so they can have their voices heard. We have that right, and too many of us take it for granted. So please, vote! In every election!

Friday, October 19, 2012

How Friends Can Revive Your Spirit

By Teresa Lopez

There are so many things in the world today that damage our spirits and dampen our enthusiasm for life. The evening news is filled with reports of crime and scandal, our jobs often frustrate us, and even family can be very demanding. In the midst of all this difficulty, having friends can be a life-saver. There are things only friends can do to revive your spirit, encourage you, and set you on the right path.

Here are several things that friends do to help you flourish.

• Your Friends Love You for Who You Are, not What You Do.
This is the key characteristic of any true friendship, and it does wonders to heal your soul. After a tough day at work, your friend can remind you that it’s not about what you do – you are worthwhile because of who you are. This will help you take on the next day with renewed confidence.

 • They Bring Out the Best in You.
Great friends make you want to be your best and do your best. When you are feeling discouraged and beat down, meeting a friend for coffee can be just the encouragement you need to get back up and get in the game again.

• Friends Give You A Shoulder to Cry on.
Sometimes you just need to vent, or cry, after a really difficult time. Good friends are ready to be there for you, listening, consoling, and helping you release your feelings so you can move on in healthy ways. Whether it’s a tough break-up or a jerk of a boss, your girlfriends are there for you.

 • Friends are Good for Your Health.
Studies have shown that people with strong social networks are less likely to get sick and even sleep better. Knowing you have friends on your side will keep you healthier and allow you to rest easy at night. Keep in close contact with your best friends, and you may even live longer, according to a 2010 study!

 • Good Friends Relieve Stress and Help You Cope.
When you are going through a truly difficult time, having your good girlfriends to lean on can be a real lifesaver. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, illness of a child, or unexpected loss of a job, your friends can help relieve stress and help you cope with your situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help - good friends may bring food, clean your house, or do other chores you normally do yourself. But if you don’t ask, they won’t know how to help. The best thing about good friendships is that not only do your friends help you, you help them in all of these ways also.

Friendships are an amazing way to revive your spirit, regain confidence, and make it through life’s tough events. This post was written on behalf of Psychic Source. For an online reading from the best psychics, visit their site today!


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