Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Remember Will "Da Real One" South Florida Spoken Word Legend

I remember Will Bell, Jr. more popularly known as Will "Da Real One" to his fans and friends across the globe. I hung out with him the week before I began The Rebuild Your Life Project. He was an extremely popular inspiration to many up and coming spoken word artists who yearned to transform their crafts into a fruitful career.

His life and work motivated the poetry scene in Miami-Dade and Broward counties as he was propelled to heights only the elite will ever experience as a spoken word artist being featured on HBO's Def Poetry Jam and touring the country sharing his passion with captive audiences while continuing to cultivate his brand of poetry in South Florida. For years he spoke at schools, prisons and taught poetry classes to aspiring spoken word artists who longed to express their experiences more eloquently.

Will was a guest on my internet talk show, Embrace Your Fantasy, a few years back and I enjoyed visiting his poetry spot, The Literary Cafe. For me, going to the Literary Cafe was like hanging out at your best friend's house. We played games, we listened as each artist honed their craft and we spit our dreams out in verses for the enjoyment of listeners.

The death of Will "Da Real One" is an important marker for me. As a spoken word artist now mourning the death of one of South Florida's leading men in poetry, I can see the legacy each poet leaves behind. Through pictures, youtube videos and poems, everyone is remembering Will after the news of his death was announced early this morning. It challenged me to think about the footprints that I will leave behind when my turn to transition into the next phase of life comes.

What is it that I really want to say to the masses? I need to make every word I write or speak count so that when my words are all that are left of me, even beyond my death, I can still inspire...just like Will.

Many blessings and positive energy are sent out to his biological family and the lyrical family he has grown to know and love on the South Florida Poetry scene that his words built.

Will performs on my Krib Tv Show, Embrace Your Fantasy

South Florida poets pay tribute to Will "Da Real One"


Will Da Real One - You will be missed. Andre Soul,

Will u will always be remembered. Never forgotten. Will had a major part of creating the artistic side of me. Im going to miss his funny jokes, his powerful poems and his superntural personality. He always knew how to make every one feel comfortable in his presence. ---ILLUSTRIOUS DA POET


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