Tuesday, November 29, 2011

10 Acceptable Ideas That Are Simply Not True

By Lesa Evans

In a world where women were once taught that respectable young ladies must marry and stay home with the children, My Savvy Sisters break all the rules.

If that lifestyle is your choice, celebrate it with a happy dance, but please don't make your decisions simply because "they" told you to.

You know what else isn't true?

1. Bosses are better than employees
2. Men are smarter than women
3. Teens are dumb and entitled
4. Waiting until after college to get a job is smart
5. Foreign engineers take jobs away from Americans
6. Employees who quit are automatic enemies
7. Politicians work for the good of the people
8. You have to be off the couch to play Wii games
9. Yahoo! has a chance
10. Laughing a lot means you're not working

For My Savvy Sisters: Do you have thoughts on other "acceptable" ideas that aren't true?



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