Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Change Your Conversation - Change Your Life

What type of conversation flows out of your mouth most consistently? You can tell a lot about a woman's future by the conversation she has today.

Poor people generally speak of:

  • Their problems and all the awful things anyone ever said or did to them
  • Negative events that they have no control over
  • Gossip about other people
  • Blame everything and everyone for their misfortunes
  • Complain about their lazy spouses, ungrateful kids, stupid boss, and parents
  • Have strong prejudices against other social groups (usually this includes wealthier and more successful people, people of other nationalities and other religions)
  • Brag about all the good things that they have ever done for someone else
  • Investments they make in things that bring instant gratification, without thinking about the consequences.

Wealthy or the wealthy-in-training talk about:

  • New theories and skills that they are learning
  • Investment ideas and strategies
  • People who inspire and guide them
  • Positive events that have happened in their life
  • Activities and things that motivate them
  • Their long-term goals
  • How they will feel once their dreams come true



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