Thursday, January 12, 2012

Compilation: The Best of Shit People Say Videos

January 2012 jumped off with a BANG as the latest internet video meme swept the world. It started with a video called Shit Girls Say, which was quickly followed by Shit Black Girls Say.

Then every person with a camera and an internet connection set out to paint a picture of what their culture, language or peer group says and does.

These are our pick for the best of Shit PEOPLE Say Videos.

#1 Shit Girls Say

#2 Shit Black Girls Say

#3 Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls

#4 Shit Jamaicans Say

#5 Shit Black Dads Say

#6 Shit Haters Say

#7 Shit Straight Girls Say to Lesbians

#8 Shit Spanish Girls Say

#9 Shit Niggas Say

#10 Shit New York City Guys Say

#11 Shit Single Girls Say

#12 Shit Girls Say To Gay Guys

#13 Shit New Age People Say

#14 Shit Bougie Black Girls Say

For My Savvy Sisters: Did I miss one? Which videos are the funniest to you and your friends?


what about Shit Dogs Say!

The best one by far. Shit Rich People Say

How about Sh*t Nuns Say?

oh, and "Shit Crazy Animal Lovers Say"!!


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