Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dreams Come True: I Want To Be Barbie

A 21-year-old model from the Ukraine has finally accomplished her childhood dream; she wanted to be a real life Barbie doll. Valeria Lukyanova's photos are being shared across the internet along with the typical pejorative statements from people saying it's a shame that she did this to herself. With the use of surgery, Valeria has become the epitome of the beauty of Barbie, the long standing standard of beauty for women.

I have no problem with what she's done. She had a dream and she made it come true. Cheers to her for being bold enough to take action and realize her dream.

Pics below.


she's not into barbie. read the real info and not some superstitious assumptions ( Japanese in Harajuku dress so unusual fashion, does that mean Japanese are lunatic? No, it's just a show off. Think people think.

I think its a sham that she loves barbie so much.i hope that more females can love themselves enough to see how beautifull they are.i know i takes time&work.i know its easy to just pay a doctor to do illusionary magic on your vessle.artificial time lines are fun,i know but come on.damitman


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