Thursday, April 5, 2012

Use Glycerin For Healthy Teeth

When I had a problem with a toothache, a reader wrote in to offer advice about a product that she uses to help strengthen her teeth.
She wrote:

"Here's a suggestion buy a bottle of Glycerin. Either the '100% pure Vegetable Source' from a health supplement store, or a drugstore's 'USP' grade is fine. Brush your teeth with it, pure. It is a moderately sweet, intensely hygroscopic 3-carbon alcohol, somewhat syrupy in texture. You can swallow it, if you wish. In fact, a swish on the back of the tongue and swallow kills the sulfur-loving bacteria back there and instantly ends 'death breath'. The Glycerin will kill all bacteria in your mouth, and penetrate cavities, and filter down under the gumline and clean out periodontal disease bacteria, as well. When I figuered this out years ago. I had only a few loose teeth left. They immediately firmed up and I've had no problems since."

Glycerine, (COH)3H5, or C303H8, is a 3-carbon alcohol, aka glycerol. (1-carbon alcohol is methanol, 2-carbon is ethanol). It is non-volatile and intensely hygroscopic (water-loving), and can be rinsed off any surface with ordinary water.

It has recently been found to hasten cell maturation and suppress inflammation.

Here is a partial list of its uses:

  • Reduces or eliminates any skin disturbance, from psoriasis to bug bites or burns. Apply the pure Glycerin USP form. Feels oily, vanishes into the skin in about 10 minutes (signals cells to open transport channels). Cuts off pain and itching by quieting injured cells, not a "nerve blocker".
  • Doubles healing speed, cuts scarring in half.
  • Carries most materials mixed with it into the skin, especially water. Mixed with water, an excellent moisturizer. (Principal component of most commercial preparations.)
  • Pure form kills all bacteria on contact by instantly drawing the water out of them.
  • Eliminates halitosis by killing sulfurous bacteria on back of tongue if swished and gargled. (Tastes slightly sweet.)
  • De-congest nasal passages by rubbing a few drops of glycerine-water mix just inside the nostrils. Takes about 15 minutes to soften blockage and quiet agitated nasal passages, opening the airway.
  • A teaspoon or two orally, or commercial glycerine suppositories, are a mild laxative.
  • Softens and removes calluses.
  • Being researched as a cancer cell "quieter", to prevent cells from proliferating.

To read more about the benefits of Glycerin read here.


For a second there I thought that was the explosive substance. That aside, it's not all that surprising that Glycerine is that effective. It is an alcohol after all.

Interesting fact. It is good to know that Glycerine can be helpful for our teeth and other things regarding our health, although I wonder if it tastes good. I would have to ask my Dentist in Sydney City if she recommends this.

I'm not sure that product can be widely available in the market. I have tried checking that in various dentist knoxville tn clinics but to no avail. Can you help? Cheers!

It sure looks very effective. Just be sure to get a bottle that doesn't have nitro written on it as well.


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