Monday, May 21, 2012

3 Self-Defense Moves Women Need to Know

By Veronica Chase

With crime rates across our nation escalating, it is vital that everyone know how to protect themselves, especially women. While not every person needs to carry a gun for self-defense every woman should know a few basic self-defense moves. This way, should she ever become the victim of an attack, she will quickly be able to respond and protect herself. The following are three moves every woman should know.

1. Get the Eye
Just as the title states, this move does in fact mean to take an eye out. This doesn’t mean just to scratch at an attacker’s eyes or to claw at their face, but to absolutely without a doubt aim for their eye and go after it with a vengeance. To do this move, you need to actually take a finger and directly stick it into your attackers’ eye. Once you have your finger buried into their eye socket move your finger across the socket area. Such a move is going to cause your assailant some serious pain and discomfort and this will buy you the needed time for you to escape attacker and get away to a safe location.

2. Take the Jewels
Yep, we are referring to the family jewels here. Most of the time, an attacker is going to be male and we all know that male testicles are extremely sensitive and it is painful when they suffer a jarring blow. The issue with this technique is that while it is easy to try and hit the area, you may find that the attacker quickly blocks any hits to the area. With that in mind, try to up or down to get them. If you can, grab them and scream until you feel or hear a pop and then when your attacker slides to the ground in agony, make a run for it.

3. Don’t Forget the Ears
This is a move that definitely needs to be practiced. Make sure that you understand exactly how to carry it out. First, open your hands and cup them, just as if you were clapping at a football game. Then, slam them against your attackers’ ears. Sounds silly, right? Well, this action can cause your attacker to become extremely disorientated and in some cases, even cause excruciating pain from ear damage. Make sure that your hands are cupped so that when you slap your offender’s ear, a burst of air is forced into their ear canal.

These are all wonderful, but in general, you should also make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and try to prevent being out alone. In doing so, you are then lowering the likelihood of being attacked at all. However, also arm yourself with the tools needed to defend yourself should an attack happen. Learn the three moves mentioned and practice them until they are rooted in your mind.

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Every women should take self defense classes. There are to many women being abused and attacked for women not to be taking a self defense or martial art classes. self defence classes is one the best ways for women to protect themselves.


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