Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 8: Smiling Through

Today was a very long day but I awoke with a smile thinking about how much money I'd come home with after a long day of vending the Homeless Voice Newspaper. Basically, we just take donations for the paper (or the cards they print).

I walk out onto the median with a big jug of water and my bag lunch and my plastic jug for donations and then I walk up to cars in the turning lane and ask for donations. Most people donate but some don't. It's not devastating to get a No because there are 8 other cars right behind it and from each red light SOMEBODY is going to give.

Honestly, after turning in my money today and the shelter taking their cut, I came away with $70 for my pocket. It's almost as much as I made from a full shift of waitressing and all I had to do was smile and wave. I like it just as much. I meet so many people and chat with them and poke fun at them. They laugh and sometimes say, "I'm glad I met you."

That's JUST what used to happen when I was a waitress, except I don't have to deal with carrying 25lb trays. It's hot out there though. I can take as many breaks as I want to, but I rarely do because I like seeing who is in each car and guessing what their relationships are. Whether they are young or old or they give a nickel or $5 I love smiling at them and making them smile back.

OMG! I went up to a car today and it was an old college friend. She looked at me and said, "Te-Erika!" I laughed and showed her my bucket. She put $5 in and we caught up until the light changed. She's married now and has a baby- all the things she always wanted but never thought she could have. I am so happy for her!

Being at this shelter is definitely opening my eyes to a lot of things. My heart grows warm when entire families enter the shelter. Last night two little girls came in with their mother. They smiled and waved at me. In the back a young lady lives in a trailor with her newborn. The owner of this shelter, Sean Canonie takes care of everyone.

People say so many bad things about him. I don't know why. He has dedicated his life to taking care of others and actually LIVES in a little room in the back of the shelter. He has done nothing but he nice to me. I'm actually anticipating the bad behavior. Sorry, it's a habit. I don't expect men to be nice. I curse every man out eventually- It's my tough girl routine.

Running My Savvy Sisters while I'm doing this project isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I'm lagging behing in my editorial and I'm unable to put the effort into profiling women like I was in the past. I'll get it together eventually.

The job fair is still going very slowly. I had another news report done on me today and still no one has called to donate.

I'm not nervous, just tired but I am able to add to my account by working so I'm happy about that.


You're amazing, I am very connected to what you are doing far from Israel


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