Thursday, August 18, 2011

They Touch A Lot

They kiss a lot. They play a lot. They touch a lot.

They take care of each other.

Yesterday my housemate came out in the backyard while I was there and she and I started talking. She was a little frustrated about her job and then she told other stories of frustrating work situations.

"I had to run out of there and drive straight to James and fall into his arms crying," she described after one of the work related horror stories.

That one sentence echoed in my heart long after she had gone to bed. Imagine, someone to run to when things become overwhelming. Imagine someone caring about you just as much as they care for themselves. Imagine not having to ASK someone to be concerned for you, they just are. Imagine someone willing to take up the slack for your weak points.

I live here in this cozy house and I get to see true love in action. I've watched very closely for his attitude because the last time I had roommates who were a couple he used to hit her. I don't think this man I'm living with now is like that. I can't imagine him even raising his voice. He likes to grill, doesn't even drink beer and cleans the kitchen after dinner.

"I manifested him," she told me. "He's everything I ever wanted."

I wonder how long I'll be living here. I hope that while I'm here he'll continue to be an example of real love. I'm never jealous when I witness a man treating a woman with care and concern. I need to see it. I live to see it. I marinate in thoughts of it as long as I can as proof that there are good men in the world.



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