Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Your World News Report - August 10, 2011

Berlyne Julmis

News Coordinator

U.S. Navy Seals Dead in Afghanistan

30 U.S. military troops were killed when a U.S. twin-rotor Chinook helicopter crashed in Afghanistan—22 of 30 killed were U.S. Navy Seals. The Taliban have taken responsibility for shooting down U.S. helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade. This has been the bloodiest single attack in Afghanistan for U.S. forces since start of the war. President Obama saluted the Seals and service members who loss theirs lives in the deadly attack in a private ceremony –President Obama stated “We will press on and we will succeed,” in the fight against terrorism.


President Chavez Return to Cuba for Chemotherapy

President Hugo Chavez returned to Cuba for chemotherapy since his tumor was removed in the country this past June. Some speculate his ailment will cause him to lose the election next year—President Chavez is confident and planning to win the election despite his current battle with cancer. Chavez has joked about the loss of his hair due to the treatment--the type of cancer which President Chavez is battling has yet to be announced.


London Riots Continues

685 people were arrested in connection with London riots after the death of Mark Duggan. Riots in London broke out after a peaceful protest in the police involved fatal shooting of Duggan in Tottenham erupted in violence--A Scotland Yard CO19 firearms officer fatally shot Duggan in the chest. Ballistic examination has shown Duggan did not shoot at police officers had original stated. Thousand of police officers raided the streets to cease the rioting in the streets of London. Rioters ransacked stores, torched cars, and even attack innocent residents--shopkeepers were forced to close early and residents stood guard to protect their homes and neighborhood. The rioting spread fast to other cities and has caused major damage throughout the city. Mark Duggan, 29, is survived by four children.


Check Cashing Store Robbery, Clerk Killed

Stanley Beasley, 33, robbed a check cashing store located at 2927 W. Sunrise Blvd, shooting two innocent victims before being shot by police. Clairemathe Geffrard, 25, a cashier on duty contacted 911 and another cash checking store notifying them that her store was being robbed. Police arrived on the scene quickly shooting Beasley in the store parking lot –Jose Aguilar, 36, an innocent bystander was shot from across the street of the checking cashing store. Geffrard was shot by Beasley and later was died at Broward General after doctors tried for an hour to save her life. Beasley and Aguilar were taken to Broward General Medical Center and are both listed in critical condition. Beasley have been arrested in the past for robbery.




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