Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From The Publisher: Suicide Is Not The Gateway To Hell

Dear Readers,

This week the entertainment community at large mourned the death of famed Soul Train host, Don Cornelius.

Cornelius, who was the visionary that brought soul to mainstream television through his widely watched dance show that first aired in 1970 was found dead in his home of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Cornelius was 75.

While the mere passing of any iconic figure is enough to spread massive mourning, the manner in which he died overshadowed the fact that he is no longer with us. Bloggers and commenters alike debated over whether we should mourn him or scorn him for taking his own life.

He's going to hell.

He sinned the biggest sin.

The truth is, this man was 75 years old and his decision to end his own life is his personal choice. He's not going to hell because hell does not exist in an afterlife. Hell is living a life in fear of going to hell. Hell is believing that you can not have the life you envision and allowing others to dictate your life choices. Hell is dismissing the value of your current life in favor of an afterlife that someone you love described to you.

No, I am not an advocate for suicide. I do not believe that anyone should end their life because they believe they have no other options for a bright future, however, at 75, I think he has the right to say, "I'm done with this. I am good."

I do my best to help others to create heaven on earth. I hope they understand that there is a better life waiting for them if they stop pressuring themselves to achieve versions of success that are not dictated by their own desires. I want to help stop the madness of depression that plagued me for so many years because I had not achieved 'success' like so many others expected of me.

I do all of this work to help ease wounded souls, but I do believe at a certain point, no amount of motivation can help you to value this life experience. If your extreme desire is to be done with this, so be it. I can not hold you back, hold you up or condemn you for it.

I'm still here, moving and shaking and there are plenty others who are doing the same. For those of you who want to live life abundantly and without limits, I ask you to join me in creating a super adventure out of your life.

Let's have as much fun as we can. Let's become so focused on enjoying our personal version of heaven on earth that we don't have time to judge others. Focus on you and transforming your life into the life of your dreams while allowing those around you to do the same.

All My Best!




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