Friday, June 1, 2012

The Elvie Show: Rescue Your Brand With Social Media

The Elvie Show is an uplifting and eye opening web series that teaches rising stars how to succeed in Hollywood. Now more than ever people are living online and the internet could either make or break your career. Elvie believes that by redesigning their social media sites to more accurately reflect their true brand combined with a strategic plan of action success is not only possible it’s inevitable.

In order to create a new Strategic Plan of Action Elvie has an honest conversation with each guest to find out their goals/obstacles/gifts/passions and then she views all of their social media sites to see if their goals reflect their site's perception. From the information she gathers she is able to make an accurate assessment and offer unique advice to each guest.

With two guests appearing every week from different genres of businesses, the millions watching can have the opportunity to learn from Elvie and succeed.

"I've been asked to do many TV shows and I've declined because I always want to make sure that what I do uplifts others," Elvie said. "I am very excited to do this show because everyone wants to know how to make it in Hollywood and through this platform I will be able to help so many for FREE and they will get amazing exposure!"

The 10 episode (5 week) web series will premiere on Wednesday June 20th at 2:00PM EST and 2:00PM PST. Two 7 minute episodes will premiere each week and will be posted on The Elvie Show Facebook Fan Page.



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