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Free (and LOW COST) Dental Care

Compiled By B.J. Schmidt

Assistance programs vary from state to state. Call your state Dental Society for programs in your area.

Alabama Dental Association; Phone-1-334-265-1684

Alaska Dental Society; 1-907-563-3003;1-800-478-4675

Arizona State Dental Association; 1-602-957-4777

Arkansas State Dental Association; 1-501-771-7650

California Dental Association; 1-916-443-0505; 1-800-736-8702

*California Society of Pediatric Dentist; 1-310-548-0134

*Fresno Madera Dental Association; 1-209-438-7284

*Humbolt-Del Norte Dental Society; 1-707-443-7476

*Orange County Dental Society; 1-714-634-8944

*Tri-County Dental Society; 1-909-370-2112 (serving Riverside,San Bernardino and the Eastern Portion of Los Angeles counties)

Colorado Dental Association; 1-3033-740-6900

Conneecticut Dental Association; 1-203-278-5550

Delaware State Dental Society; 1-302-654-4335

District of Columbia Dental Society; 1-202-547-7613

Florida Dental Association; 1-904-681-3629 ;1-800- 877-9922

Georgia Denatal Association; 1-404-636-7553

Hawaii Dental Association; 1-808-536-2135 ; 1-800-359-6725

Idaho State Dental Association; 1-208-343-7543

Illinois State Denatl Society; 1-217-525-1406; 1800-475-4737

Indiana Dental Association; 1-317-634-2610; 1-800-562-5646

Iowa Dental Association; 1-515-282-7250; 1-800-828-2181

Kansas Dental Association; 1-913-272-7360

Kentucky Dental Association; 1-502-459-5373; 1-800-292-1855

Louisiana Dental Association; 1-504-926-1986; 1-800-388-6642

Maine Dental Association; 1-207-622-7900;1-800-369-8217

Maryland State Dental Association; 1-410-964-2880;1-800-766-2880

Massachusetts Dental Society; 1-508-651-7511; 1-800-342-8747

*Southeastern District of the Massachusetts Dental Society; 1-508674-8818

Michigan Dental Association; 1-517-372-9070; 1-800-589-2632

Minnesota Dental Association; 1-612-646-7454; 1-800-950-3368

Mississippi Dental Association; 1-601-982-0442

Missouri Dental Association; 1-314-634-3436; 1-800-688-1907

Montana Dental Association; 1-406-443-2061

Nebraska Dental Association; 1-402-476-1704

Nevada Dental Association; 1-702-255-4211; 1-800-962-6710

New Hampshire Dental Society; 1-603-255-4211; 1-800-244-5961

New Jersey Dental Association; 1-908-821-9400

New Mexico Dental Association; 1-505-294-1368

New York State Academy of General Dentistry; 1-518-465-0044; 1-800-255-2100

* Suffolk county Dental Society; 1-631-232-1400

North Carolina Dental Society; 1-919-832-1222

North Dakota Dental Association; 1-701-223-8870

Ohio Dental Association; 1-614-486-2700

Oklahoma Dental Association; 1-405-848-8873; 1-800-876-8890

Oregon Dental Association; 1-503-620-3230

Pennsylvania Dental Association; You'll have to look up the number because the book has (7-234-5941 and I really don't think you'll reach anybody.

I was thinking about abbreviating Association, because who would believe that there were that many Assos in the states, or what's worse is Ass's , so I decided to tough it out, knowing that they wouldn't like either. So, back to typing I go.

Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry; 1-215443-0667

* Dental Society of Western Pennsylvania;1-412-321-5810 (serving Allegheny,Armstrong,Beaver,Butler,Fayette,Greene, Indiana, Washington, and Westmoreland counties)

Rhode Island Dental Association;1-401-732-6833

South Carolina Dental Association; 1-803750-2277; 1-800-327-2598

South Dakota Dental Association; 1-605-224-9133

Tennessee Dental Association; 1-615-383-8962

Texas Dental Association; 1-512-443-3675; 1-800-460-8700

*The Greater Houston Dental Society; 1-713-961-4337

Utah Dental Association; 1-801-261-5315; 1-800-662-6500

Vermont State Dental Society; 1-802-864-0115

Virginia Dental Association; 1-804-358-4927

Washington State dental Association; 1-206-448-1914; 1-800-448-3368

West Virginia Dental Association; 1-304-344-5246

Wisconsin Dental Association; 1-414-276-4520; 1-800-364-7646

Wyoming Dental Association; 1-307-634-5878; 1-800-244-0779

These are the State Dental Societies


Donated Dental Services

If your state isn't listed call 1-800-365-7229 and see if it's availble in your state.


Alaska-1-907-561-6028 Arkansas-1-501-221-0280


California-Orange and Los Angeles counties-1-888-471-6334;

Northern California-Same as above

Colorado-Denver area-1-303-534-5297;

Outside denver-1-303-534-3863

Florida- Greater Miami-1-305-598-7080


Illinois-Chicago area-1-800-893-1685; reat of the state 1-309-689-6785


Kansas-1-785-273 1900

Louisiana- 1-504-948-6141



Michigan-Metro Detriot-1-248-489-2204;

Outside Metro Detriot- 1-248-489-2206



Montana- 1-406-449-9670

New Hampshire- 1-603-223-1531

New Jersey-Essex,Union,Hudson,bergen, Passaic,and Sussex counties-1-732-940-0055 ;

for the rest of the state 1-732-821-2977

New Mexico- 1-505-298-7206

North Dakota- 1-888-471-6334


Oregon 1-503-774-3898

Pennsylvania, Western Penn-1-412-243-4866;

Eastern Penn 1-1-717-238-8721

Rode Island - 1401-728-9448

South Dakota 1-605-357-8660

Texas 1-512-912-1358

Virginia 1-804-264-9010

Washington-Greater Seattle 1-206 441-8777

West Virginia 1-304-296-9005

Wisconsin-Milwaukee area- 1414-276-0370;

the rest of the state 1-262-670-0837

WYoming 1-307-766-2829

Other Denistry Resources

Inner City Health Center

3405 Downing St.

Denver, CO 80205 Phone: 1-303-296-1767

AIDS Resourses Center of Wisconsin

820 N. Plankinton Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53203

Phone:1-800-359-9272 ext.1548

Kids in Need of Doctors- 1-909-686-3342 Riverside, CA

Northwest Regional Primary care Association

6512 23rd Ave., NW Suite 305

Seattle, WA 98117

Phone: 1-206-783-3004

Community Dental Center

406 N. Ashley St.

Ann Asbor, Mi 48103

Phone: 1-734-998-9640

I'll add more later

I found one more:​care-offered-for


Thanks a lot for sharing that list. I've been looking for a directory where I can choose the best place for my dental care. It's really nice of you sharing that list.

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This is just what I wanted a list of cheap dental services. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing the list of contact information of state dental assistance programs. You should have also included the eligibility requirements.

Finally, a number for the dental association here in Texas. I've looking online for their number and their site. Will we be seeing their homepages anytime soon? Thanks.

This is a very comprehensive list of cheap and free dental care services. It's good to know that there are clinics and offices that offer this kind of service.

It's true that government assisted State Dental Society programs can help people on a tight budget get the dental care they need. The tricky part here though is to get through the red tape surrounding the program.

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Thank you for listing of the best dental clinics near town. I'm near in Rhode Island and would like to find more dental clinics near town.
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This list is exactly what i need. Thank you for sharing this one and I hope I get to see more cosmetic dentistry las vegas on the list.


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