Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Your World News Report - March 30, 2011

Berlyne Julmis

News Coordinator

The United States In Libya

President Obama addressed the nation on Monday night regarding the United States actions in Libya.

The president deemed it was necessary to send in military support to revolutionize Gadhafi’s inhumane and deadly attacks. The president declared in his address to the nation, “When America’s values and interests are at stake, we must act” giving the American people reason why military actions were needed in Libya. Thus at this time, President Obama is confident that US objective has been met and The United States will condense its position to a “supporting role.”

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Wal-Mart Versus Women

The Supreme Court is due to decide whether the case against Wal-Mart in its alleged gender discrimination suit should advance to a class action lawsuit. In 2001 six women initiated a joint lawsuit against the conglomerate retailer claiming inequitable wages-- many female employees have since joined the suit and have reaffirmed the claims. If the ruling favors Wal-Mart’s female employees the company will be obligated to disburse billions of dollars. Seeing as Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world the outcome of this case will set precedence on how companies in the US can structure salaries. The ruling on this case is set to be determined in June.

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Fire Blazing at Miami International Airport

Nearly a week after the blazing fire at Miami International Airport, passenger travel plans are still being affected. Airlines have been forced to cancel numerous flights leaving passengers in disarray. The airport fuel pump operations are currently out of commission but officials for the airport predict this problem will be resolved by early next week.

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Syria: The People Have Spoken

The Syrian government has been removed by President Bashar Assad after the Syrian people marched in numbers into the streets demanding the government to step down. The citizen of Syria wants democratic reform and has demanded that the president heed to their demand. On Tuesday, a spoke woman for President Bashar Assad has announced a new cabinet will take power on Wednesday March 30.

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