Friday, April 1, 2011

REBUILD: Trying To Gather Support

I've been out and about in the community telling people about The Rebuild Your Life Project and My Savvy Sisters. So far, everyone I've told has been amazed by what I am doing. The women I give my flier to thank me for putting together a website like this and I tell them, "Check it out, it will give you the inner strength you need to survive."

So far, no one has pledged to donate anything but I do have one supporter who will be coming to speak on my behalf at an event. In calling around trying to get speaking engagements about it I'm not having much luck. They are either not returning my phone calls or telling me that they do not give space away for free and that they can't help me market this event. So, I only have one place who is willing to let me speak so far.

I am glad that the National Coalition to End Homelessness has decided to officially support this endeavor. I spoke with Laura, one of the Board of Directors and she promised to support.

The only glitch I am having right now is I'm waiting to speak with Eric Brown who is in charge of the community centers in Broward county. He is an awesome man who took me around and introduced me to the directors of each center. He offered me the use of one of the centers for this project and when I pitched the dates for the job fair, he said there was a glitch and he would get back to me.

I can not begin organizing this properly without a date so I have been waiting all week to hear back from him. Hopefully, he'll call me today with a firm date so that I can move forward.

In the meantime- I HAVE NO FEAR.

I know that the right people and places will come into my life. The right opportunities will too. I have been reaching out to the newspapers and radio stations to offer to write about my project as I go along and no one has contacted me back. I keep calling and writing but it seems that no one is interested in hearing about it or paying me to write about it, which is odd since I am a journalist and I CAN write and have written for many of the publications in this area.

I'm not the BEST at everything but there are some things I do well. One is speaking, the other is organizing. I do have a no nonsense way of going about things though. If you really need a smile and soft kisses to motivate you, you probably won't like working with me. When I'm in my zone I'm just ON IT and delegating and making decisions and asking for what I need without flinching and I expect it to be delivered.

I don't know what's going to become of all of this but I do know that I have been putting in my end of the bargain. I am doing the WORK required to make this a success. I am doing what is necessary and not pulling any punches or taking any shortcuts so the rest is up to the Universe. I am doing my part. All I can do is put in the work and ask for the opportunity. The WRONG people will be repelled and the RIGHT people will take part. I trust that.

I plan to use mostly Kanye West songs in my videos because his music inspires me and I think he has an awesome spirit. Ok. Ok. He's been my imaginary boyfriend for about 5 years now and I'd like to think we are taking this journey together. His music is really the soundtrack for my life.

I'm hoping that great people will be magnetized toward me and I promise you, everyday I fantasize about all the good I'll do and how I'm going to be a blessing to others one day. It's my heart and my mission.



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