Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Carnival 5 - Resources For Women

A Blog Carnival is an event for bloggers to share their writing and expose their blogs across the blogosphere. Today My Savvy Sisters hosts its 5th Blog Carnival. Submissions were sent in from bloggers sharing their expertise and inspiration on different topics just for women. Peruse the blog posts and enjoy!

Abby Nelson presents Counseling the Childless – How it Works posted at Masters In Counseling.

Laura A. Wright presents Writer! How Can You Relate to Web Design? posted at Masters in Computer Science.

Michelle Young presents Children and Food – When They Refuse to Eat posted at Masters in Nursing.

Kristin Marshall presents Friend Friday: Blogging Lessons posted at Relatively Chic.

Virginia W presents "You Did WHAT With Your Placenta?!" posted at Stay-At-Home-Momologues.

Aparna presents 5 Quick Steps To A Slimmer and More Graceful You posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming.



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