Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your World News Report - May 25, 2011

Berlyne Julmis

New Coordinator

Protester Disrupts Prime Minister of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel addressed U.S. Congress in Washington D.C. affirming Israel is ready to comprise with Palestine. During his speech an unnamed woman interrupted the Prime Minister speech yelling in protest. She was then escorted out by U.S. Capital Police outside the building--she was heard screaming “Equal Rights for Palestine” from outside the chamber. Prime Minister Netanyahu was given a standing ovation after he credited the U.S. for having “Real Democracy” where protesters can also have a say.


President Mandela Returns

Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa returned to his native village in Johannesburg. This is Nelson Mandela first trip since he was hospitalized with an acute respiratory infection in January. Luvuyo Mandela, great grandson of Nelson Mandela, says Mandela is in good health--as this trip was proof of great progress to his recovery.


Volcanic Ash May Cause 100,00 Flights to Cancel

Flights cancelled after Volcanic Ash hits the air in several European countries after Iceland Grimsvotn Volcano erupted. Officials have advised airlines to ground flights, but ultimately the decision was up to each airline. President Obama was forced to shorten his trip in Ireland due to strong ash clouds. A total of 100,000 flights maybe canceled after six days of flight disruption.


Tornadoes Continue to Attack

Tornadoes continue to ravage the U.S.--118 confirmed dead in Sunday’s tornado attacks in Joplin, Missouri. Officials are having a difficult time to search for possible survivors due to persistent bad weather and gas leaks, but responders are committed in their search. Many have lost their homes and businesses. On Tuesday afternoon Tornadoes hit Oklahoma after National Weather Service reported there was a 45 percent chance tornadoes may hit Kansas, Oklahoma, Dallas, and even Joplin yet again. There are reports of one casualty and many injured in today’s tornado attacks in Oklahoma--total damages, death, and injured is yet unknown.




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