Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your World News Report - July 13, 2011

Berlyne Julmis
News Coordinator

Rupert Murdoch Newspaper Empire in Trouble

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown was allegedly hacked by two or more of Rupert Murdoch’s many newspapers. The newspapers retrieved personal information about the Prime Minister bank account and medical records of the Prime Minister ailing infant son. The Prime Minister was among thousand who were hacked--previous allegations of unlawful activity at Murdoch tabloid “News of the World” has halted plans to takeover British Sky Broadcasting. United States will investigate if Murdoch’s Newspaper targeted any Americans.


Former First Lady Laid to Rest

Former First Lady Betty Ford, 93, was laid to rest in Southern California. Mrs. Ford was the founder of the Betty Ford clinic which has helped drug and alcohol addicts to recover. First Lady Michelle Obama, Former President George W. Bush, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were among those in attendance. Mrs. Ford’s family will have another ceremony in Michigan where she grew up. Mrs. Ford was also known for her advocacy for women rights.


44 Boys Die in Accident in Bangladesh

44 boys killed in Bangladesh in route from a soccer game when the truck they were in lost control. The boys ranged from 10 to 13 years of age--officials suspect the death toll to rise as the truck was carrying as many as 70 students. The deaths have affected three villages in Chittagong, Bangladesh nearly every household in the villages were affected. Divers from the Bangladesh Navy, Fire, and Civil Defense team have recovered 32 bodies in the canal.


Casey Anthony Release Date has been Altered

Casey Anthony release date has been changed from jail July 17 instead of her original release date of July 13, due to a recalculation in her sentencing. Anthony was acquitted from murder her daughter Caylee Anthony, but still had to face jail time for lying to detectives and was also ordered to pay $1000 fine for each count of false information charges and $600 in court fees. Anthony’s attorney Cheney Mason has publicly stated he fears for her safety as Anthony has received several threats on her life.



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