Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 3: I Want To Take My Bra Off

It's my 3rd day at the homeless shelter and today I felt a bit sad. Without a place to get proper rest, I was frustrated and angry. I filmed a video and I wanted to do a voice over but there was nowhere for me to record because there are always people around.

I had to go outside in the back and hide behind a trailor. It came out well though.

I did my first radio interview today and they TRASHED me saying that it seems like I just gave up on life and I'm not doing anything inspirational. I didn't get upset. I know how radio works. Sensationalism sells. I laughed it off, tried to defend myself and when I simply decided not to, the interview ended.

I am loving the people I am meeting at the shelter though. I look forward to seeing them and hanging out. They make me laugh which I really need since I am so focused and so busy with trying to organize the job fair, figure out how to make money and keep my own spirits up.


Today I signed my VERY FIRST job fair participant!

~hand claps and cheers~

It was a manager at Denny's who said that she would participate and give a homeless woman a shot at employment.

The job fair is 3 weeks away and I still don't have everything together but I am trying. Tomorrow I am going to spend all day calling businesses and trying to get them to participate.

I am tired. I am cranky. I want to lounge around in my underwear with no bra but I can't. I am missing having my own home like crazy. People are writing to me telling me that I am inspirational and I like hearing it but to me, I am not a success until this project is a success. I have to make this happen but I can't do it alone.

I am so tired. I have to wake up by 5am every morning and I can't go back to sleep until after midnight. I choose to sleep on the outside patio because the air inside the building where the overflow residents sleep is way too stuffy for my taste.

I tried to talk to two homeless women today but they ignored me. I think they were annoyed.

Anyway, I will not be deterred. I finally finished the editorial for tomorrow and all I keep thinking is, "I wanna take off this bra so badly!"

I hate wearing a bra!


Here are the two videos I created today. The first one is a look inside the homeless shelter. The 2nd is my first lesson in mental success called: Re Program Yourself.

I hope they inspire you!


Yay for the partnership with the company that is taking you up on the job fair!!!


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