Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your World News Report - April 12, 2011

Division Over Federal Budget Continues

Partisan warfare over taxes and spending again takes center stage in Washington this week, as Congress considers a budget deal for the remainder of the current fiscal year as President Barack Obama unveils his deficit reduction plan.

Republicans expected to vote by Friday on their budget proposal for the next fiscal year. That plan cuts almost $6 trillion in spending over the next decade greatly affecting Medicare and Medicaid. Democrats vehemently oppose this plan.

The outcome of this vote will affect the 2012 presidential race as well as the aims of the federal government in the future.


JFK Flight Bound for Paris is Clipped During Take Off

While taxiing out of John F. Kennedy International Airport on Monday night a wing of an Airbus A380 bound for Paris clipped the tail of another plane.

There were no physical injuries to passengers of either plane. All the passengers were taken off the plane and into a terminal. The extent of the damage was unknown.


Pakistan Demands Reduction of US Presence

Nearly 335 American personnel — C.I.A. officers and contractors and Special Operations forces — were asked to leave the Pakistan after a Raymond A. Davis, A C.I.A. officer was arrested for killing two men who he said were attempting to rob him.

The demand for the reduction of US presence was made by the chief of the Pakistani Army, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.




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