Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your World News Report - April 13, 2011

By Berlyne Julmis
News Coordinator

Gas prices at An All Time High

Gas prices are at an all time high and many Americans are feeling the strain of rising prices. The national average for regular at the pump is $3.79, but in many states consumers are already paying $4 a gallon. The up rise in protest and the fight for democracy in many Middle East countries and Muslim nations, such as, Libya and Saudi Arabia are causing an increase in the price of oil. Economists have predicted that gas prices will continue to rise throughout the spring.


Government Shutdown Averted

Congress manages to avoid a government shutdown at the eleventh hour with the deadline
rapidly approaching. Democrats and Republicans agreed on a temporary deal that will keep
the government functioning--$38 billion is proposed to be cut from this year budget alone and
in the long run $500 billion would be slashed. Among the many programs that will be affected
are WIC, Foreign Food Assistance and Related Programs, Even Start, Striving Readers, Literacy
through School Libraries, Rental Assistance Program, Hope IV, HUD, Transportation, Green Jobs Innovative Fund, HIV AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, FEMA, and Career Education. There are no proposed cuts for the US Senate, US House, Capitol Visitors Center, and Library of Congress at this time.


FCAT 2.0

Florida students commenced two weeks of FCAT testing this week. Students are taking the new state standardizes FCAT 2.0 with new reading and math requirements this week. In previous years the FCAT was scheduled prior to spring break this year state officials scheduled the writing section in March, but allotted children and teachers more time to prepare for the math, reading, and science segments. The final day of FCAT testing is April 22nd with Science. Governor Rick Scott recently signed into law a bill that will affect teachers’ salary pending on students’ performance on the FCAT, but this will take effect next school year.


2012 Republicans Unofficial Presidential Bid

Former Governors Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty have both made claims for the presidential race of 2012 presumably after president Obama announces his bid for reelection. Both have formed exploratory committees allowing the candidates to start hiring staff and raise money for a shot to prevail as the Republican nomination which will the run against president Obama in 2012 General Election. These are just two of republicans of the many expected to make a bid for president -- republicans are not allowed to make an official bid until next year spring.




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