Tuesday, May 3, 2011

REBUILD: Blacks & Poor People Donate More Often

As I stand on the intersection across the various neighborhoods in Miami-Dade and Broward counties taking donations for the homeless shelter I was surprised to realize that Blacks and poor people are more likely to give.

I can see a Mercedes Benz or a Land Rover and the driver will not even look in my direction while the car with bald wheels and a busted bumper will empty out their ash trays to put something into my bucket.

As I speak with other vendors of the newspaper who also accept donations on street corners they say the same thing: Black people will give even if they don't seem to have much.

The ONE time that I worked in Kendall, a predominantly hispanic neighborhood, I did the WORST in collections. I figured it was because I am Black but when I spoke to the other vendors of other races they said the same thing: Black people give more.

As one white vendor told me, "Blacks give more because they understand the struggle."



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