Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your World News Report - May 4, 2011

Berlyne Julmis

News Coordinator
Qaddafi Under Pressure

Saif al-Arab, son of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, was killed during NATO’s air strike in Libya. Qaddafi has requested that NATO cease its fire yet NATO is refusing Qaddafi’s request providing attacks on civilians continue. Thousands attended the funeral of Qaddafi’s son and his three grandchildren who were also killed during the air strike--mourners vocalized their desire for revenge.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Prime Mister, is demanding that Qaddafi steps down from power. Prime Minister Erdogan was quoted in saying, “tears, bloodshed and autocracy” the Islamic world denounce violence. Qaddafi’s ministry, family, and associates Swiss accounts have been frozen.

Flight 447 Voice Recorder Found

The cockpit voice recorder from Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Paris, France crashed on June 1, 2009 killing all 228 passengers has been recovered. Officials are hopeful that the voice recorder will help determine what happened on that dreadful day. The state of the recorder is unknown.

Mexico Drug Lord Appears in Court

Notorious drug kingpin Benjamin Arellano Felix appeared in front of a judge eight years after his extradition from Mexican prison for pushing drug through an illegal ground tunnel into the US. Felix pleads not guilty for drug and racketeering charges--U.S. District Judge Burns ordered Felix to be held without bail.


Floods Threatened Cairo

Army Corps blast Mississippi River levee during the night to help lower the level of the Mississippi and Ohio River that threatened to flood Cairo, Illinois. The Ohio River rose to 61.72 feet, but has since fallen more than a foot since the blast.


Prince Charles Goes to Washington

Prince Charles will meet with President Obama nearly a week after his son Prince William married Kate Middleton. Prince Charles will travel to America in a private plane to help save British taxpayers money. President Obama and Prince Charles will meet in the Oval office to discuss various matters. During Prince Charles’s two day trip will visit US Supreme Court and city farm in an impoverished city in Washington, will meet with injured US servicemen and women, and a reception celebrating US and British events for troops.




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