Saturday, May 7, 2011

REBUILD: Redefining The Rebuild Your Life Project

Today I almost had a breakdown. Standing in traffic looking at the cars pull up I thought to myself, "I'm wasting my time asking for donations. There's so much more I need to do."

The reality is, the donations I collect on the street corners help fund this project and without them I wouldn't be able to assist the women that I meet or take buses to the places I need to go.

Most people think this project is about homelessness. It is not. The Rebuild Your Life Project is about facing your biggest fear of losing everything and becoming homeless and how even the worst case scenario can be overcome with the right mental attitude, knowledge of resources and belief.

After my first attempt to organize the job fair did not go well I have to redefine my intentions, which haven't changed much.

MAIN OBJECTIVE of The Rebuild Your Life Project:

To empower women to overcome their fear of failure and losing everything by allowing them to watch me as I rebuild my life from nothing.

1. Teach mental strategies for success through video.
2. Showcase resources that women can use to find help if they need to rebuild their lives.
3. Establish a grant to help a single mom move off of the streets and into her own place. 3 months rent and living expenses. Target: $3,000
4. Host a job fair specifically for homeless women in Miami-Dade and Broward counties that has 30 businesses participate.
5. Raise funds to redevelop MySavvySisters.Com into an online community that serves women.

In addition I will now have to:

Find a quiet place with a strong internet connection to work on my project during the day and evening hours EVERY DAY.
Secure events to raise funds for this project
Profile 30 homeless women who are employable to showcase to potential employers
Seek donations to furnish the home of the woman who wins the grant.
Secure speaking engagements to share about my project and the resources I find.
Continue to provide empowering articles and resource information through MySavvySisters.Com.
Continue to assist other homeless mothers in their quest to rebuild their lives.
Continue to investigate the homeless lifestyle and it's trappings and resources and report on them.

I have a lot on my plate and the hours seem to go by fast every day.

Bit by bit. Day by day. Phone call by phone call.

I will do this.


Hi Te-Erika, I'm here to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!I read your post and now have a much clearer understanding of your goals. If there is a public library nearby, it may be a nice choice to offer you a quiet place. Also the library would be a great place for homeless women to work on their résumé to get prepared for a job fair.

You are a living example that you are a leader. A friend of mine just released her FREE new ebook yesterday: Change Creation by Tessa Zeng. It's really inspiring and can be read quickly. I know you're busy but if you get a chance stop by her web site:

Please take the best care of yourself.


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