Tuesday, May 10, 2011

REBUILD: Waiting For Something To Happen

I pulled myself back together after the frustration of realizing that I have to remain homeless for at least another month.

I sat down and made my next objectives:

1) Secure employment in journalism, try to sell my stories
2) Interview 30 employable homeless women
3) Secure donations for the grant for the homeless woman
4) Research more resources for women in need
5) Market this project more

So now I have to organize it. I can't spend the entire day working on ONE aspect of the project or I'll get bored unless I'm in a zone so every morning when I arrive at Panera Bread in North Miami, I sit down and smile and check my email and then I decide to do one thing at a time.

This morning I'll write a little and then I'll reach out to all the shelters and ask for appointments to come visit and try to find women to profile.

Yesterday, I pitched my story ideas to a few publications to try to sell them to be able to have income.

Oh yeah, I DID meet up with that guy yesterday.

I wasn't nervous about engaging with him at all because I don't care if men like me, I expect them to think I'm weird anyway.

So he agreed to pick me up outside of Burger King and drive me back to the shelter.

As I stood outside of Burger King, a man pulls up and tries to flirt with me. I'm laughing at him and he's taking it as I'm flirting back. Another man comes up and does the same thing.

I'm looking down at my sweat pants and t-shirt with my sweater tied around my waist like, "What do these dudes SEE?" I'm certainly not beautiful today.

While the guys are trying to keep my attention, the guy I met the other day pulls up and I smile. It reminds me of when I was young and beautiful in college or highschool and life was all about handsome men in nice cars coming to see you. He's actually way more attractive than I remember. In fact, he's a little TOO attractive for me. I'm kind of a plain jane, earthy type of chick and he looks like one of those guys who needs to date a supermodel. Not my type.

But I hop into his beautiful ass car, shiny red with rims and everything and we drive off. The conversation is awesome. He tells me he was a basketball player overseas and was injured a few years ago so now he's working and trying to figure out what he wants to do next.

I have a gift for understanding what people's underlying needs are and I see that he needs to feel honored. He's a cool dude though. I'm kinda upset that he didn't flirt with me and try to sleep with me which is exactly what I NEED right now to de stress but then again, maybe it's for the best.

When I got back to the shelter, I sent him a thank you text and walked in to find that everyone was locked out of the shelter because of a sewage problem.

I walked around and around waiting for something to happen so I could video tape it.

I'm at the shelter and I am homeless and people treat me well there. At the end of the fiasco I came up with an idea to make a news report to show some of the things that happens at the shelter.

Here it is!


the guy with the mohawk is cute. I think u should do more of these videos! I enjoyed it.


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