Friday, July 29, 2011

REBUILD: Feeling Defective?

When you're in the process of rebuilding your life, at some point you will look around you and feel sad. Your life looks like a huge mess.

You may have thoughts like:

What have I done to myself?
Why didn't things work out in my past?
What is so WRONG with ME that I can't seem to get it together?

In essence, you are feeling defective like a wind up toy without the spring.

If you want to, you can marinate in that pity state of mind, allowing the sadness to overtake you. This will cause you to miss out on the clues you need to move forward.

If you're one of My Savvy Sisters, you'll allow yourself the chance to feel sad for a few minutes and then you'll break out of that negative vibe by:

Understanding that TODAY IS TEMPORARY.
Today is ALWAYS temporary. Through the highs and lows, this too, shall pass. There is no need to fall into the abyss of self pity because this emotion you're feeling and the self judgment of failure are your choice. This situation will not last for long. Things WILL change, if you decide to take ACTION to move toward your desired lifestyle.

Magnifying the good times.
Did someone make you smile recently? Did you receive a blessing out of the blue? Something good has happened to you and you should try to take that moment and relive it again and again. It doesn't matter what it was, someone could have given you a compliment that made you blush, you may have met someone that caused butterflies in your stomach or you could have heard a joke that gave you a gut wrenching laugh. Choose one of these 'happy thoughts' and replay the thought over and over in your mind, especially when you find yourself starting to become sad. Then continue to look out for more of these moments where you feel bliss. You CHOOSE which thoughts to magnify. These thoughts dictate your mood which in turn dictate your perspective on life. Choose the good ones.

Allowing the transitions.
Change equals progress. All change leads you toward your desired life. All losses are really gains, setting you up for your greatest wishes to come true. You can not have your current life and the life of your dreams at the same time. How could you? Things MUST change. Things MUST transition. Something has to be moved out of the way if you've ever hoped for something better. Allow the transitions and do not punish yourself for not being able to hold on to the past. You've had that old experience already, aren't you ready for something new? Move on with your life and into your new adventure. Allow your transitions to happen with the belief that you will prosper and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are divinely cared for because you ARE.

You are NOT defective.

There is nothing WRONG with you.

You are transforming and shedding your skin and you're going to be so pretty when you're all done. Allow it.



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