Friday, July 1, 2011

REBUILD: I'm Alright With Me!

I am supertired.

I did it though!

I posted my grant for rental assistance for women. It is my very last goal that I set when I began this project and for a while I wondered how I was going to meet it.

I still haven't quite raised all the money but with the drawing 2 weeks away I know I can get it. I feel quite proud of myself. Finally.

I know I've been a bit MUCH through this whole process but lemme tell you this has not been easy at all. The mental strain I'm under from having to be so creative everyday, work with people in the community while dealing with my own issues from living in a homeless shelter make me feel like I'm going to go crazy any minute.

But I pushed through it.

I can see the light now.

All I have to do is regain my strength back to be able to work again and I'm on my way to saving up for my OWN place to live.

Even when you're trying to do good and it seems like no one cares; do good anyway.

Even when you're busting your butt to make your dreams come true and it feels like you're spinning wheels; keep trying anyway.

EVen if you can't tell if anything will pay off; treat yourself to dinner anyway.

I'm supertired. I have so much to improve about myself as a leader and a person but for right now, I'm okay.

I'm okay with me.

I'll work on the rest later.




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