Thursday, May 19, 2011

REBUILD: I'm Doing Something Right

Last night a family moved into the trailor and I decided to go sleep on the patio again. The thought of seeing their sad faces again made me cringe. It's much easier to be around the people who have adjusted to the homeless lifestyle and learned how to make the most of it.

I can only imagine what that family feels like after being evicted from their home. They must feel lower than low.

They must feel like their world has ended.

I can't even talk to them because they wouldn't be able to appreciate the words I would have to say. They wouldn't understand.

Endings are only the precursor to new beginnings. No situation is permanent, not even the good ones.

This time in my life is temporary, that is why I can smile everyday and move forward with my goals because I learned not to try to hold on to the present. Life is a cycle of beginnings and transitions. Life is a transition.

All of it.

I can see the people around me but they are not promised to me. I can feel this cloth against my skin but one day it could be taken away too.

I try to remain unattached to everything so that I can maintain my good spirit about life. The only thing I need to work on is the fact that some of my goals, well, I put so much pressure on myself to achieve them.

Today I was sitting in Panera Bread and I met a young woman who said she was looking for a job. My eyes lit up. I had just spent two hours walking up and down the street asking the businesses if they would partner with the Rebuild Your Life job fair.

Two of them said they would. One said that they were interviewing right now and would welcome any woman I sent over. I told the young lady to go over to the hotel and ask for an interview.

She came back smiling. "He told me he'd call me in two days and I could start," she told me.

I couldn't believe it!

She's hired?


My first job referral actually worked out.

Someone was hired for a job because of my efforts.

Maybe I am doing something right.



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