Thursday, May 19, 2011

REBUILD: Walk With Me

Yesterday was a phenomenal day!

I woke up full of fire and I smiled all the way to the bus stop and rode 2 buses to my destination- the Oakwood Shopping Plaza. I walked door to door asking to speak to the managers of each business.

I was a little nervous at first and then it became a game. I usually have one minute to explain who I am, what the Rebuild Your Life Project is and how the job fair came to pass. Then I ask for participation on the spot. Usually I hear, "I have to check my my district or general manager," or
"Sorry, we're a corporation and we can't agree to that at the store level." But, on rare occasions I hear, "We'd love to support this project. Good luck to you!"

Yesterday I heard YES FOUR TIMES!

I was crying and jumping up and down! I was so happy!

That brings my business count up to 10. As I sit in Panera Bread right now in the corner updating my business spread sheet and writing out thank you cards for the businesses that have decided to participate I am feeling so prosperous and so proud of myself.

I feel like I can walk on air!

I feel powerful!

I also have my first woman going out on a job interview today. Someone knew someone who needed a job, they called me, I called one of the businesses and set up the interview.

I feel like jumping up and doing the Doo Doo Brown!

As soon as I finish these cards and updating this spreadsheet I'm headed out once again to see what these businesses are working with!

Look at the video I made yesterday! I used Kanye West's Jesus Walks and it came out GREAT!

I absolutely love Kanye West because his music just touches my soul! If I ever meet him he's getting pregnant the FIRST NIGHT! Promise. =)



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