Wednesday, June 15, 2011

REBUILD: Running On 'E'

I'm tired.

I started my job at Denny's today. I worked there a few years ago and it was an awesome experience except for my interaction with ONE manager who used to accuse me of stealing and start fights with me. I hated that.

Anyway, I'm still good with the general manager so he's allowing me to send women to be interviewed and I am grateful. Working at THIS Denny's reminds me of the old days. I couldn't sop thinking about my previous Denny's experience and how much I loved working there. I remember my Mama used to say, "YOU are working a JOB and not complaining?"

I would laugh and say, "I love serving, Mama!"

I really, really do.

I wish that what makes me happiest, serving, allowed me to take care of myself and live in luxury but it doesn't. Honestly, if I'm going to be doing anything besides being a journalist and writing books and speaking at seminars, I'd be serving.

I love taking care of people.

But I'm tired. I am still working with women trying to get them jobs. I'm still a little disappointed in some of them because when I call them and tell them about work and then set up the interviews they don't go or make the call when I tell them to. I'm getting frustrated about it.

The rough part about starting a job is the fact that I don't have any money. I need money to buy my uniforms and stuff and I'm making due with help from the women in the shelter. Last night after telling a woman that I'm starting a new job, she gave me a black shirt and black socks. I also need money to travel back and forth from work so I'm hoping for a miracle until my training is over. Doing all of this without a car is annoying too. Its summertime in South Florida and it is FIRE hot! I'm sweating out my uniform on the bus stops. Thank goodness I am baldheaded and my hair isn't affected by the weather.

I can't wait to finish training and start taking tables. It's going to be great to have money in my pockets again. I'm having a hard time making new videos because it is so crowded in the shelter Linkand I can't think to be creative or record audio.

I'm also getting lots of emails from women who are finding my older videos and want advice. One lady wrote in about being in an abusive relationship. I think I'm going to send her my number so that we can talk.

I'm tired, ya'll.

So tired. But I'm still trying to help. Trying to help myself and others too.

I'm tired.


Hang in there chika, when we're are battered and broken is usually when the most miraculous things happen, keep up the hope and positivity!!


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