Saturday, July 9, 2011

REBUILD: They Don't Know I'm Homeless


Last night was an awesome night at Denny's. I worked my first overnight shift and it went by so FAST that I don't know what hit me. The two ladies that I worked with were REALLY good and REALLY helpful and I was blown away by their helpfulness.

They are NOT like that at Chili's at all!

Anyway, after we all got off at 6:30 we stood around in the parking lot talking and one man who works there who is also homeless drove up in his van. He sleeps in his van with his disable girlfriend (wife) and she is always screaming at him. Everyone feels sad for him.

The girls I worked with last night kinda laughed at him and our GM drove up and told us jokingly to get off the property before he calls the police. Everyone laughed and one of the girls said, "Oh we HAVE homes to go to, we don't live here." referring to the homeless man.

I just shook my head and kind of smirked.

They offered me a ride home and I was like, "Oh shit." LOL

Do I really want them to know where I'm staying? It's not like I'm really worried about what they think. It's more that, you know I haven't told anybody I work with that I'm homeless so I don't like having to explain but, I know it's gonna be so much DRAMA gossip about me but oh well.

So I let them give me a ride home. On the way to the shelter, this guy noticed the homeless people on the blocks and said, "There are so many BUMS on this street." I almost gagged.

This time of the morning is the time of the morning when all the people at the shelter who go out to ask for donations (begging with the buckets) stand outside to wait on the vans to leave. So when we pulled up to the shelter EVERYONE was out in full affect.

Inside, my heart was DIEING LAUGHING!

I was just imagining what they were thinking as we pulled up and they saw all of these homeless people or maybe they don't look homeless, I don't know what they look like to outsiders but to me they're my roommates.

I didn't say anything after we pulled up. I just said thank you and hopped out of the car. Right now I am DIEING inside LAUGHING because I can only imagine what they will think of me now. I am NOT embarrassed, just tickled by the whole thing and I wonder who is going to say something first. I wonder if they will shun me or feel sorry for me.

It doesn't matter really. It's time to start working for ME and every penny is going to my next place to live. There are so many options on how to move out of homelessness quickly and I won't explore them all but I'll explain them in a later video.

I love that I'm amusing to people. LOL

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