Saturday, August 6, 2011

Everyone Has A Story

I worked a double shift and I am so grateful. The early morning shifts are busy, but I don't make money on them. I miss working overnights. Next week I'll be back.

I'm tired.

I realized today that at almost 4 months of being homeless, I am now a veteran. When new people come to the shelter, they all ask the same questions about vending the newspaper, the staff, the policies. I used to ignore them but now I patiently explain things and listen to their stories.

We moved down here to find jobs but couldn't find them so that's why we're here.

I came back to South Florida to see the place I was born in and I didn't know motels would be so expensive and my money ran out.

I came down here expecting to stay with a friend but the friend ditched me and didn't even pick me up from the airport so I'm stuck.

I was running away from my husband and took the first bus I saw and ended up here in South Florida.

So many stories.

So many regular people who seemed to have run out of luck for a minute. It could be you some day. Hopefully not. Not everyone who becomes homeless stays that way. Most of the people here are all looking for a second chance at life.

Just like me.



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