Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your World News Report - August 4, 2011

Berlyne Julmis

News Coordinator

Manuel Noriega Being Extradited to Panama

Manuel Noriega the former Panamanian military leader will be extradited from France to Panama. Noriega is currently serving a seven year sentence in French prison for money laundering charges—Noriega also served a 20 year prison sentence for drug trafficking in U.S. prison before being extradited to France last year. Noriega is wanted for human rights violations during his ruling in Panama in the 1980’s. Panamanian courts have already convicted in absentia where he was found guilty of three human rights charges each contained a twenty year sentence. Noriega is now 77 years old and has a month to file an appeal in French courts against is extradition to Panama. According to Noriega’s attorney an appeal will not be file--Noriega wants to return to Panama.


33 Dead in Ecuador after Consuming Poisoned Alcohol

33 people dead in Ecuador after consuming bootleg liquor containing methanol. 103 people were hospitalized and treated after consuming the bootleg liquor--more than 200 people are in hospitals in for alcohol poisoning throughout the country. Authorities banned the selling of alcohol for three days to check and confiscate alcohol supplies containing methanol—28 barrels were seized in Los Rios containing the illegal substance. Ecuadorean health officials have stated two glass of the contaminated substance is proven to be deadly. Authorities are warning anyone who is experiencing symptoms of nausea, abdominal cramps, blurred vision, profuse sweating and loss of consciousness to seek medical attention immediately.


Tropical Storm Emily attacks Haiti and Threatens Florida

Tropical Storm Emily stalls over Hispaniola and traveling southwest of Haiti. After a massive earthquake, cholera outbreak, and famine throughout the country Emily threatens to do more damage with massive winds and heavy rains. U.N. officials have already deployed aid to help flooding and storm ravaged areas--supplies from Panama are on standby to be flown in when needed. Haitian government officials issued an alert to residents warning of heavy rains and possible mudslides. Approximately 360 evacuation sites were identified in Port-au-Prince where people can seek shelter -- Tropical Storm Emily may weaken as it threatens the east coast of Florida where it may hit land form by Saturday.


FAA Shutdown as Congress on Vacation

President Obama is urging congress to come back after going on summer recess after passing law to raise the debt ceiling. President Obama and Ray LaHood the Secretary of Transportation is requesting congress to pass a temporary funding for the Florida Aviation Administration. Nearly 4,000 are temporarily unemployed and more than 200 airport construction projects have been halted due congress not passing funding to release money to the FAA. If the government fails to comeback to pass temporarily mandate to release funding the government will lose $30 million a day in taxes of uncollected of federal taxes--more than a billion dollar will be lost if congress wait until September to pass the bill. The FAA has been shut down for more than a week.




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