Monday, April 4, 2011


With only 6 days left to the beginning of the Rebuild Your Life Project I am still as cool as a cucumber. Today I went to a meeting with a local homeless outreach center and gave them a presentation about my project. I had to walk for more than 30 minutes and my heel broke in the process so I ended up walking barefoot across broken glass and dirt because I had gone too far to go back and change.

A random older man offered me a ride which I accepted because I was sweating profusely and my legs were hurting. He dropped me off and picked me back up, taking me to lunch before dropping me back close to my apartment.

While I was picking up the chinese food he offered me I was able to speak with the people standing in line at the chinese place and I gave a brief presentation about the project. The people offered encouraging words and one woman even gave me her address and told me that if I am ever hungry to come by her house and she will feed me. That made me smile.

"My goal," I shared with them. "Is that whatever donations I am offered or whatever kind of income I make as a result of my life work, I plan to share it with our readers. I hope to live off of 50% of my income and donate the other half to My Savvy Sisters around the world."

"You will be blessed because of that," one of the women said to me.

"It is my blessing to be able to do it," I replied.

We added a new team member to our roster today. Erika Martin, who is 34 years old and pursuing her highschool diploma is our new education columnist. She says she found My Savvy Sisters at the perfect time in her life and it is exactly what she had been hoping for since she had been involved in a spiritually abusive upbringing that tried to instill that women were not equal to men. She never believed it and said, "My Savvy Sisters is exactly the message of empowerment that women need."

I am excited to publish her story as she continues toward her diploma and the publication of her first book.

I am so grateful that women like her are reaching out to me to offer gratitude and their help in providing content. No one who writes for this site is being paid- yet. That is a priority for me. I want to be able to PAY our writers for their awesome work. I also hope to be able to pay the women who go out and do resource testing and write reports for our site.

I also spoke with an artist that I know who lives in New York. After explaining the ins and outs of this journey she offered her full support and shared links of the videos I have made across the web.

What is there left for me to do? All I'm waiting for is the date to be set for the job fair. I haven't heard back from Eric Brown, the gentleman who offered the venue for the job fair but I will assume that everything will work out just the way it is supposed to. Once I have the date set I can go full force in marketing and organizing this job fair for homeless women.

I can not believe that I have gone through so much in my life but for some reason at this time facing the biggest challenge that I have ever gone through I feel absolutely no fear. I feel like steel on the inside and my ability to speak professionally and present my objectives flow so smoothly from my lips as though I was born to do this.

I'm almost done going through my things and sorting them. I found a charity that will come pick up the clothes that I want to give away so that settles that.

I don't NEED anything to happen. I'm trying and putting myself out there and offering what I can. I am making my intentions and my wishes known. I have no control over who will partner with me or provide an opportunity for me to prosper. I leave that up to the heavens. I've done my part.

I am looking forward to having my sons over the weekend, my last weekend with a stable place for us to spend time together.

I miss them and appreciate their support.

It's winding down and I'm gearing up to change lives.


You are such an inspiration to women everywhere!

I wish you success out there...I fed the homeless for a long time, it's a difficult situation. The majority of them prefer to be homeless. We found that the best message for these folks was, "seek Christ" vs. "here's some food and a warm place to stay." (Although I fully acknowledge that offering practical help is a necessity) Although we brought a few "out of homelessness", by offering them clothes, a place to stay, helped with job searches, etc., all of them returned to being homeless. As with any addiction, the only way to truly break the bonds of this lifestyle (and prehaps addiction, as many of them are addicts) is through the Gospel. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!


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