Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Your World News Report - April 5, 2011

By Berlyne Julmis
News Coordinator

Radiation Water into the Open Sea

The Japanese government has made a decision to dump 3 million gallons of radiation contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. This action is not expected to have any repercussions to sea life the government is claiming. The Japanese are dumping water into their reactors to keep it cool; however, this is causing an abundance of leakage. Government officials have stated this leakage has low levels of radiation and is deemed safe to dump into the ocean. The Japanese are trying to prevent a radioactive melt down that can be lethal to its citizens. The Japanese have continuously suffered great damage since the earthquake and tsunami catastrophes.


Death in the Congo

10 United Nations staff members were killed Monday in a plane crash in the Congo of Africa. One person survived the crash and many are still unaccounted for. The United Nations fears the death toll may rise. 29 UN personnel and 4 crew members were on board; the cause of the crash is yet to be known.


Haiti Future President Announced

Michel Martelly lead singer of Sweet Mickey a popular Haitian Kompa band wins presidential elections. The preliminary reports indicate that Martelly won over 60 percent of the votes --official results will be announced on April 16. Martelly supporters filled the streets to rejoice in the victory on Monday. Martelly will be sworn into office in May, but will face difficult challenges to rebuild the nation since last year’s earthquake ravaged the country.




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