Sunday, April 3, 2011


The onset of the Rebuild Your Life Project is just 7 days away.

Last night I went out to relax my mind and stop thinking about all that is about to change. I went to downtown Miami to hang out with a couple I know. We vibed, hopped from condo to condo and had dinner at Bayside. It felt nice to hang out. I have no real friends to do things with. I have people that I can call if I need help but no one that I call to hang out with for no reason.

I'm okay with that. I'm a loner. I put all my focus int my work and studying. I'm usually called lame because my passion is learning but you can call me lame while I create something beautiful and long lasting.

I'm listening to Erykah Badu's Times-A-Wasting from the Mama's Gun CD and looking around my studio apartment. It's looking pretty empty which is a good thing since I am a mess and throwing away stuff makes my place look nicer.

I'm trying to make jokes about it all because I don't want to really focus on the fact that everything I have will be reduced to one carry-on bag by next week. I won't just be sitting on the side of the road all day. I have to find a stable internet connection so that I can continue to publish this website and I still have to organize the job fair and my speaking appearances.

I'm not afraid anymore. That in itself scares me. But really, I am so used to things not working out and having to start over that even something as monumental as this has no hold over me.

What's the worst that could happen? I lose everything and have to rebuild.

I've done it plenty of times before. You have to.

What's the best that could happen?

I could raise the money I hope to raise and be able to pull a single homeless mom off the streets and set her up to rebuild her life. I could also raise enough money to redevelop the website and then I'll be set because putting together My Savvy Sisters is like heaven to me.

Everyday I get to meet awesome women who love their lives and want to share their secrets of success. Everyday I get to listen to women tell me what they had to do to become successful and everyday I feel better because I realize that every woman I profile has a bit of 'crazy' in her, just like me. You MUST be a little 'crazy' to make your dreams come true. You must be unrealistic.

I've always felt like a loner, but because of My Savvy Sisters and the amazing women I profile I know that I'm not completely alone, anymore.

For every woman who ever had a dream and they had to make a drastic decision to kick start it- this one's for you!



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