Tuesday, April 5, 2011

REBUILD: Playing To Win

I had to take a break from daydreaming so that I could write my daydreams down. They were oh, so sweet.

Dang. I forgot them. Wait a minute, it's coming back.

Oh yeah.

I hate being misunderstood or mistook for showboating when it's really that, that's my personality. I'm bossy. But that's because I'm a boss. It's a natural role for me. I like to take control and organize and I rarely ask for permission so I know I'm coming off so hard to people I meet. I am abrasive in a way because I am very direct and I forget to add that softness when I'm working and communicating with people. I'm working on that.

There are other qualities I want to develop in myself, but I'm smart enough to know that I should give myself time. I'm not perfect. That would be boring anyway.

I'm operating this Project like it's a paid job and the end result has already been deemed a success. So if the end is a success then that means any obstacles I encounter along the way I know I will overcome them.

That is why I am not afraid. I'm only doing what I know to do. This is what I was born to do. I still feel uneasy though sometimes hoping that the lessons I need to learn to be a true leader are on my path and that I learn them quickly.

I know that people listen to me and usually respect my opinions. I have to be responsible with that kind of reach. I only plan to help you celebrate your life by releasing the shackles cast on you by society and helping you improve your mental state so you can recreate your physical state. This is what My Savvy Sisters.Com is dedicated to.

Forgive its publisher for being so radical and wild and bossy and emotional and open to exploring anything. That's just me.

I'm an advocate for women, period. Not just a certain type of woman, not just the woman on the magazine cover, not just the woman who is doing it 'right' by the genius life expectations we measure ourselves against. I'm an advocate for women because we are all the same on the inside and we possess a special power that men do not. If we would EVER stop dimming our inner lights and allow our true greatness to SHINE we could give this world a complete shift in dynamic. If we could stop hating ourselves and know that it's old fashioned to be humble.

Express your greatness! Let it out! Shine with me!

It's fun. It's scary but it's fun because you feel like you're living a dream. Everyone stares at you. Everyone whispers about you. Lots of people dislike you and try to spread that negative energy around to others like they dislike you but really it's the hurt they feel because they can not be close to you.

I can see people's motivations. I can tell. I can feel their energy. I love meeting lovely people. I can feel the goodness radiating and it feels like a soft kiss.

I don't know what's happening but I'm going t stand up in it. Whatever it is, I'm at the center of it and I have to claim all that I created, both good and bad. I'm willing to fail. I'm willing to be laughed at. I'm willing to be critiqued and told I'm a fool.

I've been through all of that before.

It'll hurt, but in the end, if I win - YOU WIN!

If my dreams come true and somehow something brilliantly wonderful comes out of this project, women gets jobs, people stand together, women are touched and transformed by the words we share on this website, Kanye West calls me and tells me he loves me, I am going to the biggest blessing you've ever had.

I used to fantasize about the day I would run my own company and the best part about it is I am going to be such an asset to my employees. I am going to train them for their own success. I am going to turn all of them into entrepreneurs. I have this cool model all set up for this and I can't wait!

I'm going to do car give-aways, rent payment give-aways, shopping sprees, gift cards, vacations- anything I can think of that will aid a woman in enjoying her life a little more I'm going to do it.

I can't wait to be a blessing. I can't wait to make you smile.

I can't wait to give in every way that I wish I had been given.

Thank you for watching me grow into my dream.

Yep, I'm playing to win.



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