Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cultivate Your Fantasy Life

Write down the answers to the following questions.

1. The one thing in my life that makes me truly happy is…..
2. After a hard day at work I like to come home and….
3. If I could jump up right now and do something I would….
4. I love it when I meet people who…
5. People always call me when they need help with…
6. When I was younger I used to make believe I was…
7. The one habit I have that I KNOW is keeping me from complete happiness is…
8. If I had a magic wand I’d wave it over my life and change…

Now take a look at your list.

Look at it again.

The answers to these questions are chief indicators of your fantasy life as well as the obstacles that are hindering you from achieving it. Don’t be ashamed of what you wrote down. These clues will guide you as you continue to cultivate your fantasy.

Meditate on what you wrote. What skills do you have that people seem to need? Is it something that you enjoy? Is it the same thing that you used to fantasize about doing as a child? If all these things match up then you have a direct line to one of the key factors of your fantasy life.
If they don’t match up that may mean that somewhere along the line you may have been sidetracked in pursuing that thing you love by doing what someone else told you would be best for you.

You can still have the life you deserve but you must first imagine your life as the complete expression of your dreams. Take a minute to enjoy the fantasy. Allow it play out in your mind over and over again like your favorite tune. Embrace the thoughts. Bless the dreams. Awaken the fantasy.

Take the time to visit You can write an e-mail to your future self detailing the dream life you hope to have. Choose a date sometime in the future and challenge yourself to take steps toward embracing that fantasy by that date.

It’s your life. It’s your fantasy. Cultivate it by daring to believe you can have it.



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