Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 14: Tonight Is A Good Night

Every night isn't a bad night at the Homeless Voice homeless shelter.

Some nights, someone will come in and you can tell they snuck away and had a drink and they walk in looking crazy and we all make fun of them.

Tonight is kinda cool. I'm in a great mood after spending 12 hours working on my latest video and I am proud of it!

The guys are laughing. The girls are smiling and watching TV.

Everyone is smoking cigarettes as usual.

Jenn is talking about her sexual adventures as usual. Marcus is getting his hair braided. Dinner was great as usual. Yes, I sure do enjoy that cafeteria food. I'm usually one of the first 3 in line!

I'm feeling happy right now although my deadline for the job fair is fast approaching. I've done my best. I've survived. I cry sometimes but then Chris will come by and say something stupid and makes me smile.

Everyone is cool. Oh, Sean, the owner is not feeling well. The ambulance came to pick him up. He gets sick because he has so much pressure and has to take care of so many people. I hope he gets better.

Tonight is a good night. Tomorrow I hit the road to stand on the corner and ask for donations again.

Hope someone comes by and drops a million in my bucket.

Yeah. =)



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