Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Your World News Report - April 27, 2011

Berlyne Julmis

News Coordinator

WikiLeaks Spills

WikiLeaks disclosed US mishandling of Guantanamo’s detainees. According to Leaks files the US have held some inmates captive without sufficient evidence for years while releasing some of the world’s deadliest criminals. Leaks unveiled more than 700 documents highlighting the US uncertainty and perplexed decisions based on deficient evidence.


Diplomat Ousted

As tension rises between Shiite and Sunni Arab in the oil-rich nation--the second secretary to the Iranian Embassy was exiled. Hujatullah Rahmani, the second secretary to the Iranian Embassy was ordered to leave Manama, Bahrain. Since protest erupted in February at least 34 people have died. The Bahrain Island is the home for the US Navy’s 5th Fleet.


Escape from Afghan Prison

480 inmates escaped from Sarposa prison in Kandahar an Afghan prison on Sunday--officials have declared 65 of the escapees have been captured. The Afghan National Security and the International Security Assistance Force have initiated mass searches. The inmates escaped through a 1,000 foot hole which was dug for several months connected to a house underground not far from the Sarposa prison. Kandahar is the birth place of the Taliban and officials reports that the Taliban were responsible for the encroachment. Officials have the support of Afghanistan citizens in recapturing the escaped convicts and task force is working diligently to detain the escapees.


Back in Full Frontal

Less than four days after a tornado hits official anticipates the St. Louis airport to operate a full flight schedule. The massive tornado caused windows to shatter and ripped partial of a roof off a building at the airport-- many flights were cancelled due this cyclone. The damage will take months to repair and to restore the airport back to its original state. Thankfully no fatalities were reported.




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