Thursday, April 28, 2011

EDITORIAL: Get Back On Track Through Adult Learning Centers

By Erika Martin

Education Columnist

Getting a high school diploma or a GED when you're an adult can be daunting and exciting all at once. Many times, one doesn't know where to start to pursue these goals. It is easier than you think.

There are adult learning centers located across the country and are usually cost-free due to grants, federal funding, private donations, etc. These centers are a great place to start in furthering your education. Most centers have a diploma, GED and high school completion program, as well as other classes that can help to get you up to speed in different subjects and skills such as technology, internet classes, academic studies, etc. A simple Google search for "Adult Learning Center ______" (fill in the blank with your city and state) will pull up different options and locations for you to check out.

Three years ago, a dear friend of mine decided to pursue his high school diploma and contacted the Vermont Adult Learning Program in our area to achieve this. My sister also received her GED through the same program two years ago. When I decided to pursue my high school diploma, I knew that this program would be perfect for me. I started the process through the VAL program in February of this year and will be finished in time for graduation in June. While this may seem like a quick program, most students choose to take longer to complete their programs due to other commitments in their lives.

Adult Learning Centers are very flexible to work with and those that are involved in running them are there to help each person realize their educational needs and goals. Assessors are assigned to students to help them in the areas that they need help with, to work with them as they complete their projects and to successfully finish the program with a complete understanding of the skills and knowledge they need to gain. My personal assessor here in Vermont has been amazing to work with and has been flexible with my schedule. She has been encouraging and supportive of my goals and dreams for a future career in psychology. In talking with others that have gone through the VAL program, I've heard the same about the assessors that they've worked with.

If you are looking to increase your knowledge in certain academic areas or looking to pursue a high school diploma or GED, I would highly recommend checking out your local Adult Learning Center. It is a wonderful alternative for higher education and filling in the gaps to help with your current job or in looking for a new job. The cost is minimal or free in many centers. Some centers even offer childcare so that students can learn with as few obstacles as possible.

About the columnist:

Erika Martin was withheld from attaining her high school diploma and a higher education due to living in a spiritually abusive upbringing. She is currently working towards attaining her high school diploma and plans to pursue a degree in Psychology after graduation this June. Erika will highlight relevant news and information that relates to education as well as chronicle her journey toward her diploma.



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